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    OK NDN I am sure there will be some editing going on hear becaue i am fuckig pissed pokeroom's support or lack of it is the worst customer service i have ever dealt with in any industry this all start when i was trying to help my next door neighbor open an acct we choose them because they offer the no download play ken didnt have their software installed on his computer we figured this would be the quickest way to settel all the smacck talk beween us this eavening he had a small window of time where he coould play (wife and kid were gone for an hour1/2) trying to sign him up from my computer probably was nt the best idea but it sounded good at the timewe never recieved the activation emailat kens hotmail addy on theie web site it says if you dont recieve your actavation email LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AND NOTIFY SUPPORT TO RERSEND AND AD SUPPORT TO CONTACT LIST well u cannot log on with out the email activation and they know that but they tell you to anyways here it is
    I didn't receive my activation code?
    Please ensure that you have in your e-mail contacts list. This will allow emails to pass through any filters. Log in to your account and click the ?Resend? button. Your activation code will then be sent to you.

    fisrt u cant log on with out the email
    second there is no resend button
    third with out being loged on u cannot get live help witch just shows u how little regard they have for potental new customers so then wedecided to start all over and try using a diffrernt email
    addy thats where mine was when i signed up 3 years ago msn is really strict on the spam that pokerroom sends out technicly kens acct was never opened or establised So we do it all over again while ken managed to sign up for free email at in 2minutes

    we think their would still be an hour to play we wait and wait no email so then i log on w/ my username go to live support to ask if they could resend the email for ken thee fucing idiot says wait while i check you acct isay its not my acct after amin he say u mean the one with2 emails ken bla bla bla i say yes then he says witch email do u want me to send it toi said the go mail onehe the n say ok this fucking idiot knew exactly what happened and why it happened andcould have fixed it right the done then he says that ken has to request him to resend itold him he cant log in to do that but i said he is standing right here do you want him to type????????? FUCKING IDIOT he says kenmust reqest from his email ok so ken log into hotmail sends an email w/the reqest finnnally done (nope)30 minuettes and 3 emails ken sent reqesting his mail he get it we are not even thinking about play today just get acct set up for another day the activation email he got say i cant help because you requesed this from a different email addy than the one on your acct waisted an hour and 45 mins thanks dick head then aafter ken left itry to get the phone #for the rooms manager the littel dude says i dont understand why your upset and would t gtive me the phone # so i came here to vent so i woulnt kill 5the prick

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    no editing done here

    Just a word of the wise though, try not to use the same pc to sign up any casino accounts as most track ip / machine id for this reason. Ont the other issues with email it sounds pretty crappy..
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