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Thread: Anyone watch Game of Thrones ?

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    Anyone watch Game of Thrones ?


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    YES I DO..........

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    amazing show.. going to miss this big to go, ..betting Aria take out Dani before Sunday night is over... you think?

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    Yes , I think Arya takes out Dani , Tyrion and Sansa take the throne together and Jon flies away on Drogon to be with the free folk LOL LUNA'S VERSION

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    oooo I like the with Sansa... I think Tyrion is a Targaryen, and is the rightful King, so that would make total sense...

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    Yeo and Jon really doe s not want to be king , of course he could fly Drogon to Florida and be with me LOL

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    Never watched it, guess I don't know what I'm missing, eh ?
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    yep, totally agreed... 8 seasons of excellence to be trashed in one lame finale.. grrrrrr… I want a do over

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