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Thread: COUNTING CARDS! :)at blackjack and Baccarat

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    COUNTING CARDS! :)at blackjack and Baccarat

    If you read my previous post you now know the only way to switch the house edge lower than 0% is to count cards.
    This will work in any online or land casino and dont get greedy or they will bar you.

    Well maybe you have a clue how from watching that movie 21 or maybe you read about it?who cares heres how it works...

    The COUNT
    you give all high cards a minus one,7-9 is 0 you do not count these and 2-6 is minus one
    If you want you can give the ace a minus 1.1 to keep easier track of aces.

    You vary your bets according to the count
    You bet the minimum bet until the count is good to stay under the radar
    If you lose a hand and the count is good it is advantageous to chase the bet up to whatever until the count is bad.
    In the long run this means you only bet when you have the edge meaning in the long run you will make a profit.Atleast this guarantees you have less chances of losing than you only bet high when the possibility of blackjack is higher also.
    You bet depending on how many decks there are left,if there is 8 decks you will only raise your bets when the count is +8 or higher +6 for 6 decks etc...


    Counting cards on live baccarat can be easier with the history screen which is not available in land casinos,this provides you a complete history of the banker,player and tie wins and streaks and if you are lucky they will provide information on when the deck was shuffled.
    Baccarat card counting is actually more advantageous IF you achieve a high count for even or odd cards which have a low chance of happening but at least you can vary your bets by this count...Basicly there are 6-8 decks meaning about 312-350 something cards there are even cards and odd cards and high cards which count for 0 except the ace(1)
    Some methods of counting will improve chances of tie bets which pay 9-1 giving you 8 chances to win if you were betting 1$ on the tie bet for example
    if the probability of a tie being higher and there would be a count of like 160 even cards for example well you would bet on the tie bet and raise your player bet.

    Don't bet according to the history but it can indicate a choppy or a steak record

    assign an E and a number for even cards and a O and a number for odd cards,ace counts as odd so if 5,5,6,5 is dealt the count would be E-1 O-3
    there is no negative value,if the count is E-25 O-23 you can expect a choppy record meaning one win on banker one win on player and no streaks.
    If the count is E-100 O-5 you can expect streaks so betting more and on the same result as the previous gives an advantage since there is more chance of a streak...So if the result is banker banker you would bet again on the banker if you had bet on the player the first time you would bet on the banker the second time because the banker won and when the banker loses you would switch your bet etc..

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    thanks for the info

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    hanks for sharing this information
    I need to read rules about links!

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    thanks for the info

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    One more thing, practice makes perfect. Counting the cards the at home should be the first step to get used to the pace at the casino.

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    I mean, I just saw the movie and never tried it but do the casinos really try that hard to catch card counters like in the movie? Seemed a bit too extreme to me.

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    BlackJack Counting

    Did you make a typo? High cards minus one and low cards minus one

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    Hello, guys! Everytime looking for guides and tips in gambling. Currently found only like there for example. Can you share more sites for this topic?
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    Once you manage this is just about hanling with casinos. Since you can't get greedy, it's better to loose sometimes on purpose and change casinos from time to time 3-4 online casinos, some of your own town and repeat... This way you avoid getting banned

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    Thanks for this tips! everyone who want to start on the Bj Game seriously must know this and practice it over and over. Live dealers casinos are the best for practice

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