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    The date is May 27th (I think!) The time is 8:15pm ET / 5:15pm PT and the place is once again,, where we use the "Home Games" software to run our tournaments. We contest the tourney using play money. We then pay REAL CASH to the top finishing players !!! This month the prize pool is $50.00 to be split among the podium positions. 3rd = $10.00 CASH - 2nd = $15.00 CASH - 1st = $25.00 CASH
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    ok.. poker results.. was a small group and Heffe hit hard in first few hands, but got disconnected for rest of game.. felt bad, had to be frustrating.. anways.h..

    1st - Me
    2nd - Herlis
    3rd - Heffe
    4th - Pev
    5th - Luna

    GG all.. and thanks much for the tourney Cat and AFC!

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    aweee i missed it. didn't even know there was one. posted in wrong place...LoL

    congrats to all the winners

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    Yes, Heffe was quite frustrated. But still managed 3rd place finish for $10.00 CASH !!! Second place went to herlis, who won $15.00 CASH !!! And once again the title goes to Trish39 and the $25.00 CASH Prize !!!
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    congrats winners WTG - Well done Trish39

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    Ty so much!~.. well done all!

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