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    WARNING Bethedealer and brands

    First id like to say i think your site is great and saves players money though fraud casinos.

    The reason im posting this is because i would like to post a warning on this site if i may.

    betherdealer and the company known as casipoia (betherdealer) is on he verge of bankruptcy.

    They are not paying, players, affiliates and even employees .

    Here are all the brands (white labels associated with them)

    Betherdealer (mother brand)


    Win as dealer

    Golden bet club



    Casino Hollandia





    Rijks Casino

    Alpine Gold Casino

    Casino Pohjola

    SlotsAndRoll Casino

    County Casino

    I feel we should warn the online gambling community of there brands to save them money because if they deposit in any of the brands listed above they will never be paid any winnings.

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    As Previously Posted...

    As you will see, none of these sites are listed on our website
    at All Free Chips and to be honest, we haven't heard of half of them.

    I would advise not to deposit at any of those casinos just for the
    fact we have never even heard of them let alone have any experience
    or knowledge of them.

    Stick to the websites we have posted on our site in the Casino Guides.
    Be Sure To Always Read Terms & Conditions, An Informed Player Is A Smart Player.

    Get $10 Free + 75 Freespins At Go Wild Casino!

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WARNING Bethedealer and brands
WARNING Bethedealer and brands
WARNING Bethedealer and brands
WARNING Bethedealer and brands