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Thread: What Happened to all the free codes

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    What Happened to all the free codes


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    I have been on vacation this past week and a half and will be posting some more
    offers again soon, but we also used to have alot more active members that would
    also post their findings too as that always helped a bit as well. We encourage
    our members to post freebies that they find to share with other members
    however, we do not encourage members posting links to their own websites
    or affiliate links for their personal gain or just complete spamming.

    AFC will get the posting going again this weekend. Another thing as well is
    that many no deposit bonuses are few and far between like they used to be a couple years ago.

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    yes i agree

    sites sure changed was the king of rtg codes now its dead

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    yep i agree

    was best site going i dont even log on here anymore after 5 years it totally died sad get the fn rtg codes back or ill post a few good sites to rest of members and nobody be left

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    Please note with the less codes on casinos today we have pushed more for our own exclusive promotions. Have you checked the bonus pages for what your looking for or do you only stay within the forums?

    I will create casino code pages as well to organize the giant amont of casino bonus codes we have outside of the forums.
    Did you know of these new Allfreechips pages?

    New Online Casinos in order of addition.

    Best Online Casinos ranked by our users.

    Free Slots Play free online slot demos.

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    hi e1 heads up for bingo knights email free cash there good luck

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