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    scratch ticket

    What is up ???? still no luck and i play alot biggie i was just wondering if anyone has won lately???? :P
    peace and harmony with and amongst all


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    uhh what the hell are afc points an what do they want

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    Afc points can be used to roll the dice in the AFC point dice rolls

    AFC Dice Contest
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    Ubbercool idea!
    What if the hokie-pokie IS what it's all about?

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    Great job yar...i really like your site...
    Thanks for sharing it...

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    Thanks. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun in that short of time. No, seriously I like having something to look forward to. Who knows I might win. But I really like to get my nails dirty and to keep scratching! I 'll just have to get a watch and control myself, an hour at a time.

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    i won

    yes this scratch game is a very innovative contest from AFC and chip. i always have to scratch everytime i stop in, and last week, i actually won more than AFC points, which is also cool to play the dice game, but i won one of the $25 free prizes! I thanked chip in another thread, but will say thanks again, for the awesome scratch cards and wonderful, unique contest ideas you have!
    Have Fun, Win Big, And Always Read Terms & Conditions!!Dmoney

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    How can I Make more money From the Scratch Card If any One have any tips then Please pass it. I am new in this thing so I need Help.To make money from scratch card.

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    New Game!!  AFC Scratch Cards! Text automatically translated from: German to: English New Game!!  AFC Scratch Cards!
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    Hi guyz..

    Nice to meet you all..

    Have a nice day..
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New Game!!  AFC Scratch Cards!
New Game!!  AFC Scratch Cards!
New Game!!  AFC Scratch Cards!
New Game!!  AFC Scratch Cards!