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Thread: Jupiter Club promo Email ! free cash :) - NOW ENDED!

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    Jupiter Club promo Email ! free cash :) - NOW ENDED!


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    OK, here ya go

    If anyone finds these to be incorrect let me know but im pretty sure they are all correct

    1. 2 years

    2. 96 games

    3. Mr. Michael King

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    Jupiter Club b-day celebration

    Thank you for this. I have signed up & will let you know how things work out

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    answers correct


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    I got a big $5 lol

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    penny slots??


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    good thing about 5 is the playthrough but mines gone already lol

    good luck to you guys

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    good luck all


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    I got $5

    Hi.. I rec'd $5.... played the penny slots of skull duggery... managed to play for approx 45 mins.. thought it would go much sooner than that.. had fun playing.
    Thanks for letting me know of this. Your site was one of the first I saw it advertised on

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    I wish I could tell ya how much fun I had but....

    I opened an account a Jupiter Club 2 days ago. I have not received any money, and not to forget to mention an email from them. I have emailed them twice.

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    I just received an email from the casino.... Thanks

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    Well I'd Gotten mine

    But its gone now... $15 sure burns up quickly


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    Looks like they ended this promo now

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