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    this country is so acrewed up. Too damned eager, too damned selfish, too damned ignorant, too damned focused on money to ever have an effective response to a crisis like a worldwide pandemic! Got to get kids back in school, got to have crowds at the baseball game, got to go for spring break, got to go to Mexico, got to go home for Christmas, got to go out to eat, got to go to the gym and work out, got to go to the bar and get drunk! After all, we have freedoms that the rest of the world doesn't have. We've also freedomed our way to the worst response to this disease in the world, worse than undeveloped Nations!
    Wake up! There are people in this country, doctors, nurses, emergency personnel who are breaking their backs trying to save lives and care for our loved ones who are getting sick. We've got people making great sacrifices staying at home, not even going to the doctor for peripheral Medical Care out of the very real possibility that they could come home with something worse than they left with. We've got scientists and logistic people developing and distributing and administering vaccines in a race against time. And we've got about half the country that doesn't give a damn about any of it that are making life in America more dangerous for not only themselves but everyone else as well.
    Stay home! Wear a mask! Stay six feet away! Get immunized! Use your brain! Quit being so selfish! The numbers are slowly starting to Trend upwards again and this could be make or break time. Don't drag our country down with your selfishness, do the right thing and be part of the solution! -

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    I totally Agree!!!

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    That is a great post! Thank you for posting it! I agree completely!
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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