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    Apology in Order

    This is a breaking AFC news bulletin reporting that the calendar on this forum has now been updated, to include the year 2019. I'm not using this as an excuse, but the reason that I let the birthday of close friend and OG All Free Chips member Lunadelmar slip by unannounced. My most humble "I'm sorry" to you Sharon. You are entitled to one full day of slavery. And a great big, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
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    Oh Mi Cato I plan on taking that offer ! We have missed you so much! I hope you have been busy making yourself and others happy , that is my wish for this New Year . Thank you for this lovely post my dear dear friend

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    LoL! Hey what about me, i want in to. jk. Happy Birthday Luna again.



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Apology in Order
Apology in Order
Apology in Order
Apology in Order