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Thread: That's what I call forgiveness !!!

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    That's what I call forgiveness !!!


    Earlier this week, Tracy King, a 39-year-old mother of three, managed to escape jail time despite her confessing to stealing a large amount of her partner?s money to fund her online gambling. Chelmsford Crown Court released her on Thursday primarily due to her partner?s forgiving attitude.

    According to the East Anglian Daily Times, King stole from her partner Gavin Ling's savings account a sum of GBP 197,876, after she guessed his online banking passcode. Thanks to a similar technique, she stole a further GBP 48,965 from her uncle, spending a grand total of close to a whopping GBP 250,000 on internet gambling websites.

    The Court was told, however, that no money was yet recovered.

    King received a sentence of 18 months jail, which was suspended after Ling told the court that he has forgiven his partner, stating that ?money means nothing ? having my partner home with my family means more than anything in the world.?

    Judge Anthony Goldstaub QC commented: ?An unusual feature of the case is that your long-term partner, Mr. Ling, and your uncle have shown remarkable moderation and restraint as well as selfless affection for you in being prepared to forgive you. I salute their magnanimity.?

    Judge Goldstaub also stated that while the money can never be returned, the relationship King?s partner and uncle had with her is ?of a quality and value to them which is more important than money.?

    Ling proceeded to thank the court for its leniency, adding that he had recently sold his elderly mother?s home and stored a large sum of the income into a savings account, intending to leave it to his children.

    Although the money had been transferred without Ling?s knowledge, the disappearance was only investigated following a refusal from Halifax bank to reveal where the money had been sent without police investigation.
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    Ummm, wow! I don't know if I could have been that forgiving. Although, I probably would have asked that they get help with their gambling problem.

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    I think it's fantastic that her family had such a firm belief in their values!!! If only more families could do the same there would be a higher success at addiction recovery??

    I'd like to say I could do the same....but I don't know. I am a firm believer in "love before money". It would be all of the lying and deceit that must of ocurred during that amount of time that would really bother me.

    Although, I can say, FOR SURE, that I wouldn't be around if someone hadn't given me a second chance.

    Thought provoking, that's for sure. Thanks Catlicker for sharing.
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