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Thread: New !! Scratch Cards on AFC!

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    My points are not going up fast either I have been playing alot and still not much at all boohoo

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    not going up at all ? lol mine are staying steady at ZERO
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    wouldnt be much fun if you won every time now would it?
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    everytime? how bout maybe 1 i'd be satisfied lol
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    finally he felt sry for me lol ty ty ty
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    I'm surprised at the comments.............consider it another chance everyone. Think of how many times you've deposited and never cashed out? I think the odds at allfreechips are even better.

    Chip, I appreciate the time and effort you put into this forum. Not complaining here. Gives me somthing to look forward to.....

    So...................THANK YOU!!!!

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    i'm not complaining in the least sry it sounded like that i was laughing about it sometimes we need to vent & harmless venting is great
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    Got an itch?

    No luck but nice funky game. Anyone win anything yet?

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    i won 2afc points 2 days ago
    Dont you hate that river!!!

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    Hi I have been playing this every day sence it was posted I dont seem to be getting any points is there some thing wrong with this game ?

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