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Thread: Welcome Home, Lunadelmar - WINNERS ANNOUNCED !!!

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    Welcome Home, Lunadelmar - WINNERS ANNOUNCED !!!

    Add a sentence or two to the previous post, as we tell a story of how Lunadelmar travels through life's pleasures, pains, and obstacles along the way. "Our story

    begins as Luna finally arrives home from her lengthy stint in a physical rehab facility. She exits the sliding glass door out the rear of her home, she decides to

    quietly celebrate by the pool with a cup of Death Wish. As she nears the water she is shocked __________ __________ __________"

    Post Contest CASH WINNERS to be announced on or about August 30. Prizes to include $10.00 CASH or 10 AFC Rewards points or $10.00 CASH plus 10 AFC Rewards points !!!

    At least $40.00 in CASH to be paid out !!!
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    To see 6 giant frogs swimming in the pool and...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    LOL and wondered what the hell was in the Death Wish and could she get more , just asking for a friend of course , the giant frogs were chirping out a welcome home song when suddenly

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    An alligator came out of the landscape and ate 5 of the frogs with one big CHOMP. But it didn't get the 6th frog and ......
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    So 1 frog was safe and 7 dogs came to her aid along with 4 rabbits and lots of death wish now !!!
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    the gang at All Free Chips find out that this frog... is not a frog at all. It is actually a TOAD. and CATLICKER (aka TOADLICKER) knows that Psychedelic Toad Venom Is the New Trendy Hallucinogenic...
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    so thru the gates come the eclectic looking bunch from AFC... and they look ready to Party.....................but first ...

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    The toad decided to vomit all over the...

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    Really cool bar set up that the AFC friends had made ..... but wait the vomit was mystical magical .....

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    Elixir that Cat began to dab behind his ears. Suddenly, his pupils dilated and he began....

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    Going faster and faster and then there was a huge puff of purple smoke...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    and out from the smoke wearing psychedelic bell bottoms and sporting his Nehru sunshine yellow jacket is the one and only...

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    DJ Chipmeister ! Grandpooba of the Rave , he was swinging around a huge purple

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    Dildo made of silicon and skittles. He then offered this gift to....

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    All Afc members , the Skittles turned into sparkly fairy dust and someone rubbed the dildo , a GENIE APPEARED AND SAID

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    I can offer 3 wishes to the person that is first to correctly answer the following question...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    Why can't i wear white after labor day?

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    lol... oh thats good!..

    Well you can't because its in poor taste.. and we all know that you wouldn't want to be in poor taste.. therefore, is just easier that you CAN'T.. enough!@

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    This explanation was not good enough for our wild AFC members , they wanted more from the Genie of the Dildo , we wish to be given....

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    Copious rolls of quarters, which were going to be used in....

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    In the Celestrial Cosmic Casino and peep show where scratchers are tripled and ....

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    Jackpot wins are common on the wide variety of slot machines. The AFCers were excited and started clapping and shouting out until...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    The Genie reappeared and said " STOP EVERYTHING! "

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