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Thread: Welcome Home, Lunadelmar - WINNERS ANNOUNCED !!!

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    The drum of wine and used their magic to put everyone else under a spell that caused them all to...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    realize all their wildest fantazies , there screams of delight , we were all surprised at Cat's ....

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    Strange appearance as it looked as if Cat may be turning into a troll then all of a sudden he turned around and shrieked...

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    Look! A Dragon! Apparently Cat's payment to HBO made it just in time, but now he was seeing things. He quickly sat in his throne made of swords and....

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    Dragon scales, The Iron throne was surrounded but beautiful men , women with long white hair , who could .....

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    tell if you were lying about how big of a ,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Jousting lance you carried. Cat quickly mounted his steed, and headed towards....

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    To his ranch in California. However, before he was gone, he took with him...

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    Ms. Luna.. telling her he was going to get her some very special Sangria, that would keep her smiling and out of those rehabs.. and maybe even.....

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    A hint to when the next scratch card was going to hit but first she must.......

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    take a drink of the sangria, so she did. Immediately, she smiled and then laughed, saying that she could see...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    The power of Cat's mighty lance OH MY!!! said she grasped it and pointed it at Gloria who ......

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    dropped to her knees in an almost catatonic state... never had she.....................

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    Imagined that they came in that size. She grabbed the lance with both hands and commenced....

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    to swinging it around, the lance became HUGE AND SPIT OUT 100 DOLLAR BILLS! Wow the AFC members were amazed and proceeded to ......

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    scramble to get as many as they could, when all of the sudden....

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    they were all gone. Everyone started looking at each other to see how many they collected when......

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    Lunadelmar awoke and came to realize that it was all but a dream. Or was it ?

    WELCOME HOME Lunadelmar !!!

    $20 CASH PRIZE - Lunadelmar

    $10 CASH PRIZE - Davydave

    $10 CASH PRIZE - grandglor

    $10 CASH PRIZE - shirlsplay

    10 AFC REWARDS POINTS - Trish39

    10 AFC REWARDS POINTS - ButterCup

    5 AFC REWARDS POINTS - rena50
    Posting of links on All Free Chips is NOT allowed !!!

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    Congrats Luna, and the other winners. This thread definitely has potential Skinamax drama written all over it. Who knew that we're so talented???

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    LOL Thank you so much . its amazing how "talented" we members are . I did miss you guys so much , getting around much better , hope to be able to walk into the stores again , especially Ulta , the ladies Home Depot ! AFC , CAT CHIP LOVE YOU!

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    congrats to everyone who won.

    Thank you so very much !!

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    Congrats all!!! and thank you so much CAT and AFC!!

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    oh Luna, now is the time to go get your electric car. they are only 60k. I promise there won't be any frogs in there.

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    Congrats to all the winners At AFC if you play here you will be a winner here - I love this site

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