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Thread: Welcome Home, Lunadelmar - WINNERS ANNOUNCED !!!

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    He said DJ Chipmeister and Catlicker Supreme have requested that all members receive ......

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    20 lashings from a whip made of....

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    so rushing to the head of the line way too excitedly was...

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    Davydave, who mistakenly assumed that the toilet paper was unused.

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    LOL it was in fact used for Unicorns which we all know poop rainbows , the sky was brilliant was rainbows which lead to ....

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    Little leprechauns all holding a pot of...
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    illegal drugs. Everyone started shouting out what they wanted to try when......

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    Suddenly, the weather changed; it started to snow. The huge flakes coming down were hot pink and made of...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    Intoxicating sweet crystals, that filled you with laughter and lightness just buy falling on you.. everyone was laughing and dancing about when suddenly......

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    A large black flowing mist engulfed the members , it was ....

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    emanating from Davydave's....

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    Belly button smelling horribly, like skunk. Everyone turned and ran to...
    In my secret life I am gjr1961.

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    The woods where they found ...

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    Big Bad Buttercup ! She had awakened all the spirits in the woods who proceeded to...

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    sing them a song " Ring around the rosey " When the song was over they all.....

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    Fell on the ground and when they looked up they saw...

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    Shimmering, Swirly Shirlsssss who was turning leaves into 100.00 bills OMG said.....

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    a tray of Reuben sandwiches and a 50 gallon drum of....

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    Wine that they all drank and got ....

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    Shit faced drunk amazing beings were coming out of the woods to see the craziness , elves, fairies, trolls and ....

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    Big bad Chip who wanted to punish .......

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    The Little Trolls .... saying they were really.................

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    Horny after consuming vast amounts of....
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    Wine so they all went around ....

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