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Thread: Quick Payout from iNetBet Casino

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    Quick Payout from iNetBet Casino

    On last Saturday (3-25) before going to L.A. for four days on business, I made a $26 deposit on iNetBet. Claimed a 100% matching bonus + 15 Free Spins, which had a 20X betting requirement to cash out. This was a "New Game" bonus promo.
    The new game was called Secret Symbol. Only managed a few bucks on the 15 free spins. So I began my quest with about $58, making my playthrough $1160. Within 10 minutes at $1 per spin hit BONUS of 15 Free Spins multiplied randomly at up to 20X payout. When completed, total win was $505 for my $1 bet. Off and running, I raised and lowered my bets constantly. After a couple of hours, had the remaining playthrough balance down to $100. And to my delight, had actually increased my Cashier balance to just under $600 !!! Set my bet at $1 and AutoBet to 100 spins and hit start. Ended up making the playthrough and my funds available for withdrawal lit up at $638. Withdrew all but $12, giving me a net win cashout of $600 !!! To my amazement, a mere 3 days later FEDEX delivered my check, which my bank then cashed in full without any holding of funds. Needless to say, there are a few "Acts of Kindness" in my future. CHEERS !!!
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    Congrats!!! Nice job Cat!

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    Thanks Trish, I was impressed with the speed of processing, withdrawal, and delivery. By far the quickest I've seen.
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    Awesome Rick!! That is a speedy payout , good to know.

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    Congratulations on your win and payout!!
    That is excellent news on the speed of the payment!!
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    Thanks, I appreciate that.
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    Great job!!

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    Haven't tried playing at iNetBet but seeing to how fast they respond makes me want to give them a try.

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