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Thread: Quick Payout from iNetBet Casino

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    iNetBet Casino again...

    Recently made a small deposit of $25.00 (with 50% Match Deposit Bonus with a 10X playthru) and with good timing of increasing my bets, and the resulting Bonus games, made the playthru with relative ease. Constantly changing my coin denomination from .01 to .50 was my basic strategy. In the end, total play was 3 to 4 hrs. in length. Total Cashout & Withdrawal: $517.34
    After submitting all new documentation, check was delivered by FedEx in just a few days time.
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    WTG Cat! I had a little boost this weekend at a local casino.. got my name drawn by default, as one of three people didn't show up.. you got to choose an envelope.. I again got mine by default as I was the last to pick, thank god.. prizes were $1,000. cash, One weeks vacation to a resort worth 2000.00.. or a Harley Davidson Softail Motorcycle.. drum roll!!!!!!!! Yes, I got the Harley, well didn't as I took the cash.. lol.. but was very fun indeed, most fun was I had about 30 friends that we were up there for a fews b'days for the weekend and husband all cheering me on... biggest win yet..

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    CONGRATULATIONS Catlicker and Trish!! Thanks for sharing! I really love to hear about other people finding luck, it gives me a little hope.
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    Wow you both did well, I assume Trish did better but both are great stories!
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    ​WTG Trish39 !!! That is an awesome story and what a big win !!!
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    Must say, I think I would have had to take the Harley...

    vroom !!! vroom !!!
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    Good job, that is amazing!

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