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    I only urge caution

    What this is, is an email exchange between me and SuperSlots casino, which is
    part of the English Harbor group who include the following online casinos:

    Silver Dollar
    Carribean Gold
    Millioonaire casino
    English Harbor
    VIP slots

    Hello folks.

    Well, for the past week, I have been playing those free slot tourneys and nope
    haven't won a dime. But I am not disappointed.

    However, tonight I am a bit concerned and will pass this onto all of you.

    Tonight, I was playing at the following casinos.

    Millionaire Casino
    Super Slots
    Vip Slots
    Silver Dollar
    English Harbor.

    The game for the free slot tourney is "Independence Day" a game which I do
    like. However tonight, I noticed something was wrong. It took me a bit and
    then I noticed on the last reels 4 & 5 that the symbol "Declaration of Independence"
    was NOT showing on these reels.

    You need 3 on a active payline to have the bonus round.

    Needless to say, it's hard enough to get three, especially when you only HAVE
    three working instead of five like you should.

    I did carefully look at ALL the casinos and the free play areas AND the paytable
    to assure myself I wasn't in the wrong.

    I have contacted each of the casinos via email and their online form. I will let
    you know what happens, but for now I would suggest caution if playing this game.

    That's all for now. I am tired and wiped out (Yes, free bankroll was depleted in
    less then 2 hours and this made me start paying attention) and I am going to bed.

    Good night and I am only urging caution, not anything which might lead to a
    situation which might get out of hand.


    Thank you for your offer. However, due to a lack of response on your casinos
    behalf, I find I cannot deposit at your casino, nor any of the other casinos which
    you share software usage with.

    This is due to one game. "Independence Day" which I believe is flawed.

    In the game, the "Declaration of Independence" is the bonus symbol. In the game,
    you must line up three symbols to have the bonus round. However, I have only
    seen three symbols when I believe there should be more.

    I arrived at this conclusion after playing one tournament and seeing no other
    symbols, except on the first three reels. However, on the "Snapshot" of the game
    you get when passing the mouse over the menu selection, you'll see a symbol
    on the fourth reel.

    I have already notified your tech department, but no answer was received of
    any type of response. So, I have grave doubts the game is fair and correctly
    coded for your casino.

    Be assured, I will play the tournaments, but I will NOT deposit till this is remedied.

    Best regards

    Well, I received responses from both casinos promising response within 24 hours...
    Uh-huh..But knowing that this was a Friday, I knew they'd "Back Burner" this for the
    weekend. Not a problem as like I said in the letter, I wasn't going to deposit till this
    was resolved.

    Well, today after 1 week, I now sent the following:

    Today is Friday, the 21st of august. I was told by you that a representative would
    contact me within 24 hours. Now knowing this was a Friday, I then thought to wait
    till the following Monday. No response received...In fact, no response of any kind
    has been received.

    This only reinforces my belief that depositing with your casino is risky as if I
    cannot get a technical question answered in a timely manner, then woe to
    me to try and win and withdraw from your casino.

    I truly think this issue is more then your casino group would even dare comment
    on, and so this is acknowledged as dismissal of my observation of this issue.


    Thank you for contacting Super Slots.

    We would like to take this opportunity to address your concerns regarding your
    recent gaming.

    Every now and then we get a few mails from dissatisfied customers, in addition
    to many thank you and appreciation emails.

    Our software utilizes a sophisticated Random Number Generator that ensures a
    randomized outcome for all the games. As a result, we have many players who
    win, and at the same time others who lose; this is the nature of gambling.

    With regards to the software, the Casino is fully licensed by the government of
    Curacao Netherlands Antilles and the RNG (Random Number Generator) utilized
    by our software has been checked by an internationally recognized and respected
    Accredited Testing Facility. The software was found to be completely random and
    100% fair. If this were not the case, we would not be operating.

    In addition, our software is a fully closed system, meaning that it is not possible for
    us to alter or modify game results in any way. Note that we reviewed the game and
    all is fine with it.

    Our Casino is much like any other business; some days we lose money and others
    we win.

    You can rest assure that the games are fair and honest, and you do have a very
    good chance of winning.

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    Please point out, where I said you had an unfair game or advantage or had "Rigged"
    or "Tampered" with the slot games?

    I emailed you last week in regards to a slot game which has a screen shot which
    shows a symbol which does not show up in the game.

    Now how is this perceived that I am saying you have tampered with the game? In
    fact, this is across ALL of the casinos in your group.

    Therefore, it is not your casino, but the software which is at fault, which means you
    should contact the provider about this, or you can send me their email address and
    I'll happily continue this conversation with them.

    In any case, I cannot be a "Dissatisfied Customer" if I have not deposited yet.

    Therefore, trying to pass the fault back to me, is a scurrilous act which makes me
    wonder more about your casino further.

    I ask only one of two things. Forward this email the the company/owner of the
    software, or provide me with their email address and I'll talk with them.


    > Thank you for contacting Super Slots.
    > We would like to inform you that the game was revised by us
    > and we could not see any faults in this. All is triggered
    > accordingly with is also including the bonus round. As we
    > could not see or find any faults we grant you the previous
    > answer.
    > Please know that we were however not able to find your
    > screenshot attached
    > We truly appreciate your comments and your business at
    > Super Slots.> For further questions or comments, please
    >feel free to contact us at anytime.
    > Good Luck and have a great day!
    > Sincerely,
    > Muyin

    Dear Support,

    Let me try again to explain what you are not understanding.

    When the casino has finished loading, you see a room with areas
    which denote the games. OK?

    You then decide "Slots"

    You then place the mouse over that section and the list drops down,
    exposing the varied slot games.

    You then move the mouse to a game which you will select.

    The mouse moves over the game selection and THAT'S the screen s
    hot I have mentioned.

    It shows you a "Screen shot" of the game playing area. This is the
    point I was trying (and have several times) to make that the "Screen
    Shot" shows one symbol on the fourth reel when none is to be found
    in the actual game.

    Again, I am not questioning the RNG, I am not accusing the casino
    of "Tampering" or "Cheating" I am simply pointing out that the screen
    shot is NOT in compliance with the game, or the game is not in
    compliance with the screen shot.

    Again, I ask you to look carefully at the fourth reel, the symbol is
    there and it is NOT in the game, this is all I have been trying to say.


    Well, they finally admit the screen shot is incorrect, but of course,
    they won't change it. Honesty? That's for the other casinos I guess!

    > Thank you for contacting Super Slots.
    > We would like to inform you that we understood which screen
    > shot you mean now, thank you for explaining it further in
    > the last e-mail.
    > Please note that the screen shots are taken while our games
    > are in development, hence the little differences that you
    > may encounter. Before the game was released, the bonus
    > symbols appeared on reels 2, 3 and 4, not reels 1, 2 and 3.
    > This difference in display does not change the amount of
    > times/ combinations that can trigger the bonus round.
    > We have been in business for over 10 years, and an
    > incorrect display of a game in development does not change
    > the fact that we have timely payouts and put our customers
    > first. If we caused you an inconvenience, we would like to
    > apologize for it.
    > We truly appreciate your comments and your business at
    > Super Slots.
    > For further questions or comments, please feel free to
    > contact us at anytime.
    > Good Luck and have a great day!
    > Sincerely,
    > Lily
    My response:

    Dear Lily,

    Regarding this communication, that your casino still intends to use
    this to mislead the incoming gamblers?

    I can attest that not having the fourth or even fifth symbol WILL change
    the outcome of the odds in the game.

    I know it takes a bit of doing, but I'd suggest making a new screen shot,
    and also saying on the pay table that the symbols only show on reels
    1,2 and 3.

    At least this would be making the game "appear" more fair to the gamblers
    to your casino, of which though, I shall not ever be a one of those who

    Any online casino survives by honesty and I am finding it sorely lacking
    in your group of casinos.

    Good day.

    That's it. nothing more from them and I kind of doubt they'll ever respond.

    vegastechs are frankly NOT to be trusted and while I'll still play their free
    tourneys, I'm not about to give them a dime. I continue to suggest not
    playing there unless you truly feel they treat you well.

    I'd sure like it if they'd use more games for the free tourneys, some might
    be interesting to others...

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    So the issue is the picture of the game in the menue is exact to the real game?
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    casinos that cant be bothered and lie to customers

    casinos sort your screen shots out its missleading which is an infringement of legal right of the players to have correct information at all times seeing the truth of the games and playing the truth of the games welldone diasgustedman for this post well said i say avoid those that cant give correct information a lie on there part is a customers loss therefor against the law under the misleading act unless a customer knows the fault and dicides to play all the best avoid bad casinos nuznuz

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    Are the game rules incorrect or just the picture? I dont have access to look right now.
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