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Thread: What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you in an online casino?

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    What's the worst thing that's ever happened to you in an online casino?

    We all have rough patches or moments inside the casino, tell me yours.

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    The worst that has happened to me is winning a good amount of money and not being able to cash out because of some rule I was unaware of before I pl?ayed. Some casinos have lots of reasons to not pay out. The moral of the story is that it is important to read ALL of a casino's rules BEFORE playing, especially when depositing money.
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    Village people slots

    I had a few hundred buck that i won over a long period of time. I had reduced my bet to min. The slot that I was playing was called village people. Well the spin tab happened to be right beside the max bet option. Not realizing I clicked the max bet without knowing. I found out pretty quickly. Just after only a few spins got a indication that I need to reduce my bet cuz low on funds. I was livied!! After all the time and cash I put into it. Cash was all gone. The max option is pretty convenient where it's sitting right beside the spin tab.

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    I have done this same thing so many times. It's pretty obvious that that max button is there for a reason.casinos or game providers who do this I think are very shady. It's truly a unfair to cheat us like that. And I'm sure they can program the games too right ?If you can't be legit quit.

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    24beetle refuses refund

    On April 28th I found a casino through AllFreeChips that I wanted to try for their unique terms and conditions (example: you don’t have to finish your bonus in order to cash out you can take a percentage etc). I like their terms and conditions they seemed unique and fair. And their game selection is fairly decent with many games and game providers I've never played before. April 28th, 2022Transaction I.D.: TF_7XTP7J6QHQEAmount deposited 0.0008071 BTC+DISLIKEDI am just now finding out that I’m in a restricted country after registering without any problems, and speaking with their live chat reps, then making a deposit. Why on earth was I even allowed to register then? I sent in an email to their support stating that I did not receive the free spins that are supposed to accompany my deposit bonus. Their response to me was to close my account and tell me I’m in a restricted country. Why is it then I was allowed to register and talk to their support people and deposit successfully and claim a bonus? And then plsy on that bonus? I really think. They owe me a refund isn’t that correct?

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    Yeah I would think so, what casino was this at?
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