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Germany Sells Off Bitcoin

Recent moves by Germany selling off seized bitcoin in very large chuncks send a shiver down investors spines causing a short term sell off. This may be a great time to enter the market or start with your bitcoin investment. Upon some news stories they consensus seems to be a fall to the 52,000 range or a bump back to the 58,000 range soon then back to steady growth.

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We now allow you to create a full user profile if you like, under you user icon in the upper right you can create a bio now. Soon all these pages will be publicly viewable as well so you can show off your stats!

Bitcoin Reaches $70,000 range expect $130,000 this year

Today we had a great bump in the Bitcoin value to pretty much $70,000 triggering a decent sell off dropping down to 67K range then coming back up again now. With countries moving away from the US dollar, dumping the SWIFT system and pulling their gold from the USA we should see values nearing 130K possible this year. Will gold and Bitcoin be the end of the US dollar? Lots of people think so, as the countries now see the Federal Reserve (Not Federal nor a reserve) constantly reducing the value of your dollars as the reason to move away from it.

All Free Chips Emails Contain a Mystery Chest!

We have begun trying to send out emails about the status and updates at Allfreechips that includes new games, updates and of course great casino offers we think you will enjoy. Soon we will be able to only send items that pertain to your geo location as well so you will know when you see an email from us its worthy we hope, To get some assistance in letting the larger mail companies like Google, Outlook and Yahoo to see this mail was not SPAM but legit great offers we have added a Mystery Chest link to all emails. This Mystery Chest currently contains AFC Reward points from 5 - 100 randomly given one time for each email opened and clicked on. If you are unsure what AFC Reward are then that is my fault. AFC rewards are like token you can use to play real money prize games here including the AFC Scratch Card game currently running. Also, check your SPAM folder and if the email is there I ask you click and say remove from SPAM or lace back in Inbox as this also will help future deliveries.

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