1. Visa Electron review

    Visa is a global company and it is considered one of the most advanced and safe processing networks in the world. Visa enables the use of digital currency between consumers, businesses, banks and governments in over 200 countries and territories. 

    Visa introduced Visa Electron in the 1980s and is available in most countries, with the exception of Canada, Australia, Ireland and United States. This payment method is similar to a debit card; with the difference that Visa Electron does not allow overdraft transactions (Debit Cards allow transfers to exceed funds to a certain limit). Visa Electron may be a credit or debit card.   

  1. Highlights

    Easy to use. Visa Electron works like any other card except it must be electronically authorized for each transaction which makes it safer; in addition, the card allows the user to withdraw cash from ATMs, even in other countries because Visa Electron is linked to PLUS interbank network. 
    Security. Visa employs multiple layers of security to fight fraud, and works to protect each link that is within their control, as well as works with other payment chains to ensure no failure. The company wishes to eliminate all forms of fraud, including counterfeit, loss and stolen cards, card-not-present and identity theft. 
    Popular with Casinos. Visa electron debit and credit cards are widely accepted by many Online Gambling sites. 
    Availability. This payment method appeared as an alternative for people in countries that have stricter criteria for issuing credit cards and has also become very popular amongst young people. It is one of the most popular Debit Cards in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.
    Surcharge Fee. According to Visa, merchants are not allowed to charge a surcharge fee when using Visa cards, as they do not think that cardholders should be penalized for using their cards to pay. On the contrary, they support retailers that offer discounts for paying with their Debit Cards. However, in a few countries, surcharging fees are still permitted. 
    Customer Support. Visa electron customers should contact their financial institution for questions or concerns about their accounts, but if they wish to contact Visa directly, they may do so via email or a toll free number is available for US and Candada, it is: 1-800-VISA-911. (For other countries, the user may find this number printed on the back of the card).   
  1. Downside

    Acceptability. Some online stores and offline terminals do not accept Visa Electron because they lack a system that may check the availability of funds. Also, some banks prohibit their cardholders to use their cards for Online Casinos.
    Limit. Visa electron may be offered with different specifications in different regions. For instance, a bank may choose to offer Visa Electron strictly as a credit card, or more commonly, a debit card. One big issue about Visa Electron is that users cannot surpass their limit, i.e. most of the time there is no credit. However, this is because it works differently in some countries, so make sure you check this when you get it.
    Proof of Income. Applicants for Visa Electron credit cards must present proof of regular income or financial assets invested. 
  1. Personal Opinion

    Visa Electron is a great payment method for people young people, or people that are not eligible for other credit cards that have stricter criteria for issuing cards. For Casino players, it won’t be hard to find a Casino that accepts it, so their only concern will be to figure out if their bank allows them to fund their Gambling and what local specification their Visa electron card has. 

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