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    Launched in August 2008, UkashOut is a payment method for people who wish to use cash rather than a card when purchasing goods and services online. It is considered the largest global prepaid cash collection network in the world and is operated by Smart Voucher Ltd. Ukash is available in 25 countries, including the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia, South America and North America; there are currently 300,000 physical issuing points.

    Partnership with Online Gaming Industry. The company’s most frequent spenders are using vouchers for Gambling, gaming and Bingo. Ukash has partnered with the online gaming industry and allows their partners to payout directly to their players, permitting players to access their funds quickly and easily regardless of their choice of deposit method. Ukashout is backed up by Mastercard.
    Easy to Use. The user presents the 19-digit number that appears on the Ukash voucher to assure the payment. Ukash does not require that the user register for an account previously or impose age requirements.
    UkashOut users do not need to have debit/credit cards and they will never be asked to share any personal or financial details. Ukash is also used for depositing into e-wallet accounts, such as Neteller, Paypal, CashU and Webmoney. It may also be used for playin online and acquiring Cherry Credits and PayByCash.
    Withdrawals. A UkashOut card works very simple manner, it is issued by the Online Casino and poker operator directly to their players and they decide the amount they wish to withdraw from the account and this value will be credited to the player’s card. The user may almost immediately withdraw the money from any ATM or any place where MasterCard is accepted. 
    Currency Convertor. Ukash may provides a free Ukash Convert Tool for users to have an idea of exchange rates, however the tool is provided by a foreign exchange banking provider, so exchange rates may vary between transactions.
    Refunds. Ukash users may refund their vouchers buy providing two forms of identification, but must pay a 6 percent charge on the face value of the voucher.

    Convenient Locations. Users may cash (up to £500/€750) their voucher in convenient locations that include corner shops, post offices, newsstands, gas stations; in the UK, users can go to points with PayPoint, payzone or e-pay signs. 

    Availability. Ukash and UkashOut is yet not available worldwide, it is only available in 25 countries.

    Fees. Although there are no charges or fees deducted by using UkashOut because it is just like paying with cash, some websites or e-Wallets may levy charges.

    Limits. There may only be 5 pending payments at anytime per consumer. The maximum value of UkashOnline vouchers the user can order is 2500 EUR (or equivalent), the user will be blocked from further ordering until Ukash has completed an identity check.

    UkashOut is a great advancement in the industry, and it has improved the overall experience for the players and gambling sites with its prepaid payment solutions. It eliminates costly checks or banking transactions, using credit/debit cards, being a victo of identity theft, charge backs, etc. Ukashout is both a fantastic deposit and withdrawal method. Ukashout eliminates costs and delays that are associated with other payment methods such as bank transfers and checks.

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