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    ePassporte integrates Visa Credit Card and Visa Virtual, and enables ePassporte account holders to transfer funds to and from other ePassporte account holders through the online checking system. Since the system is connected to Visa, it gives an incredible freedom to users to transfer funds to and from any bank; it can be used online anywhere where Visa is accepted.

    ePassporte offers customers ease of use and simplicity. The company has proven to be secure, convenient, reliable, and an authentic mechanism for high value money transfers. Account holders can make a wire transfer anywhere around the globe.

    Easy to Use. ePassporte offers consumers the ability to obtain an Account instantly at no cost. When obtaining an account, ePassporte gives a free email account which can be used for communications with the merchants or casinos. The ePassporte Personal Account can be funded with a US Checking Account, and will be charged a fee of US$3.00 per reload regardless of amount loaded. Customers can also receive funds in real-time from other ePassporte Account Holders at no cost

    Withdrawals. Funds may be withdrawn at over 1 million ATM locations worldwide.

    Acceptability. With ePassporte you will be able to shop online anonymously, safely and securely where ePassporte and Visa are accepted. 

    Sending money. ePassporte Account Holders may send money instantly to virtually anyone with an email address. It makes it possible to send and receive funds between ePassporte Account Holders instantly.

    Mobile Money Manager. ePassporte users with Java enabled mobile phones can download ePassporte’s Mobile Money Manager Application and transfer funds, check their balance or reload their account in real-time from anywhere in the world. This service entails a nominal fee of US $0.25 per text message.

    Not Available to US players. From April, 2008 to date, US residents can no longer use ePassporte services.
    Renewal fee. Every subsequent year, the account holder will be charged a renewal fee of US $5 to renew their account.
    Limits. The required minimum load amount is US$25.00 and the maximum amount that can be loaded within a 24-hour period is US$500.00. To increase these limits, the account holder must contact the company’s 24-hour Account Holder Services Department.

     ePassporte seems to be a great alternative for people who don’t already have visa credit and Debit Cards as it is widely accepted everywhere. Using ePassporte to manage your Online Casino is easy, reliable and secure way of sending and receiving money online. Another positive aspect is that you can undertake all your transactions in real time.

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