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    Togglecard was founded in 2005, and works exclusively with PCI certified partners worldwide to ensure security for users as well as for merchants. It is a stored value card that offers a safe, secure, and private way to pay online services or products and works just like a regular credit card with the only difference is that the users cannot spend more than they preload. It can be used everywhere and anywhere. 

    Easy to Use. The principle is very simple, sign-up is free and the user is able to use without any extra charges. Togglecard gives the use a 16 digit virtual Card number that can be used on websites who process their payments with PCI certified Gateway technology. The user may fund their Togglecard with most main credit and Debit Cards, like for e.g. MasterCard, Visa, MC, American E and Diners Club. 

    Convenience and Promptness. Togglecard’s back office allows users to load, manage and review their balance conveniently at anytime. It can be loaded instantly with a credit card and it will be ready to use right away.  Funds are immediately available for use.

    Security. Payments can be made online, while keeping personal details private. Togglecard management guarantees all transactions are audited and safe.

    Fees. No hidden charges and they are limited to the amount the user loads.

    Loading your ToggleCard. Your Togglecard can only be loaded by one credit card, but users can purchase different Togglecards, so they must remember which card is associated to which Togglecard. 
    Durability. The Togglecard is only valid for one year, but after that time period, the user may apply for another new card number. The user must spend all the money before it expires. 
    Customer support. The Toggle customer service may only be contacted on the site by filling out a form and then you will have to wait until they answer. 

    Togglecard is one of the newest deposit methods, and  the numbers of  casinos that accept it is rapidly increasing.  It is easy to use and fund and the nice part is that users never have to give out any personal details.   

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