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    PICclub is a company that offers a quick, safe and easy method as well as a range of services for online players to easily manage their bankroll. In fact, it is the only Ewallet that accepts all major credit cards and funding sources. 
    PICclub is a poker playing business, and it was created so that players could learn how to invest their money and make a profit. The company provides opportunities to secure the return of the players’ investments and allow them to continue to play. Players earn for using Picclub and in 2008, members got paid 10.25%for funds in the Common shares account. 
    Easy to Use. The player may register at any site that uses Picclub, and it takes about 30 minutes for them to verify and approve, but is this is improving as the company grows. PICclub accepts a wide range of deposit options, they are the following: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Diners, eChecks, JCB, Money Gram, , e-gold, or by doing a Bank Transfer. They use the term “shares”, instead of saying withdrawing or depositing funds from the account.
    Available in the US. After the UIGEA gambling bill passed, it became difficult for US players to find a site that accepted them and/or their preferred deposit method. With PICclub, players are allowed to invest in the company while playing at a Gambling site. When players deposit, PICclub takes out $1 and puts it into a common shares account, which is considered an investment on the company (licensed in Uruguay). The PICclub lawyers assure that this method is completely legal and can withstand any legal attack by the UIGEA. 
    Withdrawals. Withdrawals are cost-free using Check and Company check. A percentage of the winnings the player withdraws from the Poker room ($1) will be deposited into the common Shareholder account. PICclub users are seen as players of the company, and this policy was created with the purpose that all the Shareholder/Players shouldprofit from another Shareholder/Players good play. The options to withdraw money from a PICclub account include; Wire Transfer, Check, Certified Check and .
    Security. PICclub uses the latest technology to transferring funds as the security and integrity the user’s personal information is our top priority. They use Military-grade encryption for the transmittal of all sensitive information combined with other security measures.  
    Special Promotions. Some partner poker rooms offer players a special bonus when signing up through PICclub.

    U.S States Excluded. Illinois, Louisiana, and Washington players are not permitted to use this method of payment. 

    Deposit Limits. The maximum daily deposit into shares account is $250 and PICclub allows only two transactions per hour. The maximum deposits per day are five; per week, the maximum deposit is $500 and per week, $2,000. 

    Registering. The users must fill a form that requires name, email address, mailing address along with other pertinent details. They will need to provide proper government issues, and must submit a copy of a utility bill or something to prove residency. The account will not be approved, until PICclub receives this information. 

    Unpopular with Casinos. This payment method is not yet accepted by a lot of casinos and their customers come mostly from poker rooms. However, there are some casinos out there that will take it.

    Processing. Transfers will be processed within 15 days from the date requested. 


    PICclub is a great and innovative ewallet option for US poker players especially. However, PICclub casinos are not very abundant as it is still very new company, so it is still not widely accepted (mostly just poker rooms). I liked their ideas for promos to incite players, for e.g. the deposit bonuses at some poker rooms, and the chance to play bounty tournaments against their own Team PICclub. But, it seems to me, that they charge a higher than normal rate when withdrawing money from the account. 

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