Vodafone Banking Review

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    Vodafone Grup Pic is a UK based company and is currently the second largest mobile phone company in the world. Recently, they began to allow their customers to play at casinos, they provide the choice of paying with credit/debit cards or a chance to have your mobile casino billing done through their cell phone bill, a process which removes third party transactions.

    Vodafone has a worldwide significant presence and operates in 25 countries as well as partnered up with diverse networks in more than 42 countries. Some subsidiaries may operate under other brand names, e.g. Verizon Wireless.  

    Vodafone Casinos. They are casinos that allow a player to deposit funds using Vodafone’s billing service, this service is provided by Payforit. Payforit is safe and easy way to purchase products or services using a mobile phone; the customer may choose to charge the amount to the bill or use a prepaid credit. There are about 17 existent games, which include blackjack, roulette, stud poker, Slot machines and scratch cards. 

    Practical. Vodafone billing is ideal for the casino players that don’t want to carry around neither their computer nor their payment method around everywhere, and still enjoy a good game at any time or place. These users may also check their credit balance easily, and if necessary, buy more credits by just visiting the banking section.  

    Direct Billing. Vodafone enables developers to use direct bill to allow customers to pay for services wirelessly through their Vodafone pre and post-paid accounts, so they never have to expose their private information into other stores or sites. 

    Easy to Use. Upon filling in the online form, users will receive a SMS to begin downloading the game they requested previously. They must then register if they are not a existing user, and last, deposit money.

    Withdrawals. Players may request withdrawal through their Mobile Casino account, with a press of a few buttons. 

    Customer Support. For general enquiries, customers should contact the central switchboard at 44 (0) 1635 33251 or mail Vodafone’s registered office. For more specific questions or concerns, users must visit their global landing page to search for their local customer care. 

    Cost. There is no additional cost for using online billing or subscribing, with the exception of charges for each user’s Internet Service Provider. 

    Age Restricted Games. I do not know if this is areal downside, but considering that everyone has a cellular phone nowadays, the games will be age-restricted using Vodafone’s content control system, so gambling games will obviously not be available to minors.
    Cellular phone must support game. Users’ cell phones must be able to support the games and casinos he wishes to play, but this can be checked previously on the Vodafone site before downloading each game. 
    Limited Bets. Vodafone has set a maximum daily bet limit per player which can be ambiguous measure, as it was implemented as a way to encourage responsible gambling and depositing players’ deposits will be limited to valid credit card transactions. 

    Vodafone Billing is perfect for Casino players that don’t want to carry around their laptops or give out their private details. It is safe and easy to use as well as convenient because players can play anywhere at any time, and with a touch of a few buttons can recharge or manage their accounts.

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