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    WWWcard is a virtual Visa Card which users must prepay in order to purchase products or services online. This service is provided by Cal in full coordination with Visa Europe.

    Cal is a global financial service provider and a leader in the credit and debit card industry since 1978 as an independent franchise of Diners Club and continues to rapidly grow in the field of e-commerce. Cali is an Israeli company, owned by Israel Discount Bank, First International Bank and is registered in Givatayim, Israel.

    Security. The WWWcard eliminates the risk of exposing private information, identity theft, and unauthorized purchases. No merchant or person can trace your online purchases because it is confidential, discreet and anonymous. If the users suspects that the card details were stolen, they can cancel the card immediately via the website, but transactions done during that time will not be refunded.
    Convenience. It is a virtual card, in which the user can apply, receive, check the balance, reload and manage online; however, unlike other methods, there are no additional statements or mail. When a WWWcard is purchased, it shows up as a single line item on the monthly statement for the amount prepaid to the virtual card, so Visa will never reject any Gambling purchases.
    Easy to Get. The WWWcard can be bought quickly and easily online. 
    Refer a friend. When referring a friend that orders a card, the user receives a bonus of $7. 
    Online use Only. WWWcard can only be used to make purchases in physical stores or over the phone.
    Limits. The WWWcard may only be reloaded two more times and to fund it, the user may only use the same Visa card  that was used previously. The maximum amount that can be loaded is about $270 at any time.
    Expiration. This virtual card expires one year from the date purchased, and all of the funds must be used until then, as any remaining value will not be refunded or useable after its expiration date.
    Withdrawals. WWWcard is a virtual card, therefore cannot be used to withdraw funds, so withdrawals will have to be done using a different method.
    Non-Refundable Fee. A one-time $4 fee is charged for each WWWcard the user purchases and $2.75 when reloading. 

    WWWcard is an innovative, safe and convenient way to pay for products or services online, as it can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted. A great advantage is that the user does not have to give out personal details or credit/debit card information. I don’t think Casino players worldwide will have any problem finding WWwcard Casinos that accept these virtual Visa cards as a funding method, but I think it is pretty bothersome to have to find a different method to withdraw money. 

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