PayPoint Banking Review

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    Paypoint’s main offices are located in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom. This is payment solution requires no pre-registration or membership and no pre-paid card or wallet.

    Users may reserve the goods or services they like, and later pay offline via the largest cash payment network in the UK. This is an essential payment service commonly used for paying bills, mobile top-ups, and travel cards.

    Easy to Use. The process of payment for Casino players is simple. They must print and pay an invoice or an e-Voucher (free) Paypoint users may make a payment at any of the thousands of outlets, and they will receive an instant feedback. Paypoint accepts most payment methods, e.g. Visa including Visa electron, Diners club, American E, Master card, Maestro, Paypal and many others.  

    Security. PayPoint operates uses an online tool for preventing fraud, Fraud Solutions, that protects the client’s revenue during debit or credit card submission and authentication. 

    Multiple Currencies. The Company is able to support up to 150 currencies. 

    Convenient Location. There are over 20,000 outlets (UK, Ireland, Romania), so for a great majority of people, an outlet is within 1 mile in urban areas and 5 miles in rural areas. Terminals are located at convenience stores, off licenses, newsagents and general stores.

    No Fees. No fees are charged either online or offline at the point of payment at a PayPoint terminal.

    Delayed Deposits. Deposits are not instantly credited in a casino’s balance, though they should not take more than 5 days and they are free of any charges for the player. 


    Schedule. Payments for Paypoint are done in newsagents, convenience stores, supermarkets and garages, and depending on the place, he/she must figure out the schedule their local establishment is open, as not all are open 24/7.   

    Availability. It is a payment option for ONLY for people in the UK, Romania and Ireland.

    Paypoint is an easy, secure and convenient method for the English, Irish and Romanians, as they don’t have to have a credit card and it is totally free. The only real downside I see, is that the person will have to leave his/her house to make the payment and will have to follow the establishment’s open hours schedule as compared to other online payment methods that are available 24/7. 

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