1. Discover review

    Founded in the mid 80s, Discover is an online payment services company and also an issuer of credit cards. They began issuing the cards at Sears and are now a major electronic transaction company. Their success came with offering a new alternative to credit cards with no annual fees and real cash rewards.

    The Discover Card has gained more popularity in recent years, peaking at 3 billion transactions in 2006. This service is available for most countries in the world (sometimes in different versions of the brand); however, American casinos have been rejected when processing payments using credit cards so American players are usually unable to use it. 

    At the time Discover is one of the preferred and safest electronic payment methods used in Europe.

  1. Highlights

    Promotions. Discover Cards offer a cashback bonus that ranges from 5% to 20% of the amount you shop for. You should check the categories included to receive the bonus. This bonus can be cashed out as gift cards for products of many of Discover partners, you can donate it, credit it to your Discover card or have it electronically depositted into your bank account.

    Also they promise no interest during the first 6 months and no annual fee. At times they launch other promotions only valid for limited periods of time, such as one helping you with your taxes and many others.

    Security. When using your Discover Card you will have a team of professionals tracking your transactions and warning you of suspicious activity even before something big has happened.

    Personalized Cards. Your Discover Card will have the design you choose, so no one will have an identical looking one.

    Email Reminders. The customer service team will send you frequent e-mail reminder just so that you remember to avoid fees.

    Customer Service. With Discover you can have access to live phone support at anytime. You can also reach them by email but this might take a bit longer.

  1. Downside

    Not so Popular with Casinos. The Discover Card is not one of those methods that can be found at every casino, but do not worry, if you really want to use this method there are some casinos out there taking it.

    Hard to Get. In order to get a Discover Card you need t have a good credit profile. The higher the limit you want, the more difficult it will be for anyone to be accepted.

  1. Personal Opinion

    Personally, I think that the main issue with the Discover Card is getting it. If you have a good credit profile and manage to get one it will also be difficult to find a place that accepts it, though the casinos using it are reputable but you will not have many options. Apart from this, the Discover Card offers unique and great benefits to cardholders that no other credit company will give.