1. PayPal review

    PayPal is a speedy, flexible and safe way to place money transfers, in which account holders may choose to fund these transfer with their account balances, bank accounts, credit cards or promotional financing. Currently, Paypal enables worldwide ecommerce, as it has more than 78 million active accounts in 190 countries/regions, as well as handles 19 currencies. 

    PayPal was founded in 1998, and four years later was acquired by its present-day owner eBay and is now located in San Jose, California. The company is made up of three different payment services: the PayPal global payments platform, the Payflow Gateway and Bill Me Later.

  1. Highlights

    Security. Paypal uses a high level of data encryption when sending information and every payment is followed by an email confirming the transaction. The company works to stop fraud, identity theft and provides a safety net to protect purchases.

    Easy to Use. Paypal is a convenient and simple way to send money. It may be done by entering the users email address, the recipients address or mobile number together with the amount and the transfer will immediately appear in the recipient’s account. If they don’t have an account, Paypal will notify them and deposit the money in their new account which they can withdraw upon attaching either their bank account our their Visa (credit/debit card). 

    No Fees. It’s free to open an account. Personal payments that are done via the user’s bank account or Paypal balance are totally free. There are no monthly fees, set-up fees, no gateway fees, nor cancellation fees. Fees will only be charged if the sender uses his/her credit or debit card, or in case the account holder receives any payment for goods or services (fees may vary depending on monthly sales volume). Withdrawal fees depend on the country or region where it will be done and PayPal may charge a minimal fee for non-U.S. banks.
    Paypal Plus Credit Card. It is a credit card that guarantees all the security and the convenience of Paypal and MasterCard and users will earn rewards for any purchase they make.
    Catering for Gambling Sites. Paypal changed their policy, and has now started offering its service to online gamblers after signing a deal with Neovia. They still don’t process payments from US customers on gambling sites; however, will do so for other jurisdictions where internet gambling is regulated. 
  1. Downside

    Not Available to US Players. Residents of the U.S may not use Paypal as a payment method for casinos. 


  1. Personal Opinion

    Paypal is well-known, fast, secure and convenient payment method, but like many other companies, was scared away from the gambling industry in the US. So, currently, it is not widely accepted by casinos, but with its newly signed partnership, some think Paypal might reconsider their gambling stance and slowly regain lost territory.