1. ACH review

    The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a payment transfer method used to make bank transfers from your checking account to another checking account and/or to an Internet site. In simple words, you can take your jackpot winnings directly into your bank account. This system is available throughout the United States.

    In order to deposit with ACH you need to contact your bank and set up ACH payments, once this is done you will need to copy your bank Rounting number, the checking account number and the check number from your checkbook to an electronic check. Players who do not own a US bank checking account cannot use this payment method.

  1. Highlights

    Low Cost.  ACH is a free of charge service. Casinos and banks will normally not charge a fee and, if they do, it will be extremely low.

    Security. ACH is as secure as a wire transfer can be. The system will never process a transaction without asking for your permission. Even though there might be more secure ways, ACH will definitely function properly.

    Does Not Work with Credit. With ACH you do not need to own a credit card as it will debit and deposit money from and into your bank account. Some find this an inconvenient as your payments will only be done if you have sufficient funds in your account but I believe that a wise gambler will find this useful to not exceed one's limit.

  1. Downside

    Going to the Bank. Perhaps something really unattractive about this method is that if you were to have any problems with the system you will have to phisically go to the bank. You will be asked to fill out a lot of paperwork, even at the beginning when you try to setup your ACH payments. Of course the amount of paperwork will depend on your bank, but generally issued will be hard to solve online.

    Transaction Time. ACH will usually take 3-5 working days to process the transaction effectively.

    Minimum Transaction Amount. Like most transfer methods ACH has a minimum transaction amount, usually it is up to the casino but normally for withdrawals it is about $50.

    Withdrawing. If you have used another deposit method to fund your account at a casino, that amount will be settled first. So if you used X method to make a deposit, the deposit will be refunded to your XXX account and then you can withdraw the balance with ACH.

  1. Personal Opinion

    ACH is a very popular method to transfer funds and it is accepted by many casinos. It is safe, reliable and I think it is worth waiting a couple of days for a safe transaction.