1. Moneyorder review

    Money Order is a prepaid financial instrument which has facilitated money transfers around the globe; it is a document that can be acquired and cashed in almost any bank or third party places like the Postal office. One of the advantages of using this method of payment is that it is very safe and reliable, and prevents disclosing bank or credit card information. 

    There are many types of Money Orders, the most popular are registered checks and postal money orders, but there are many more. Personal money orders are called registered checks, and they are freely available even for people who don’t have checking accounts. Banks offer postal money orders, which are almost identical to a personal money order.

  1. Highlights

    Location. You can acquire your Money Order at tons of different places. There are currently many Money Order services available for customers at many banks, post offices or even at some pharmacies and grocery stores all over the world.

    Popular with Casinos. There are many casinos that are accepting Money Order as a payment method and it is an easy procedure. To transfer money to a casino account, the player must go to his/her local bank to place the money order with info given by the casino. The casino will credit the money into the player’s account in a matter of maximum 10 days.

    Security. A Money Order guarantees that your personal information will be kept private. No one can access the player's account, as they do not have to reveal this sort of information when doing the transfer.

    Get it Online. Money Order can also be acquired online. Thecompany has online services that allow consumers to request and pay for money orders online, making it possible for people to purchase and mail the money orders without having to leave home. 

  1. Downside

    Transfer Time. When using Money Order the casino will credit the money into the player’s account in a matter of maximum 10 days.

    Fees. The fee paid for a money order is approximately 1%, but this varies from one service to another.


    More Regulatory Processing in the US. After the US took provisions against money laundering by passing the USA PATRIOT Act and the Bank Secrecy Act, money orders require far more regulatory processing requirements than personal checks, cashier's checks, or certified checks.

    Minimum Deposit Limit. When using a money order, some casinos may request players to deposit a minimum amount ($50). 

  1. Personal Opinion

    Money Order offers a very convenient, easy, safe and convenient option for casino players in most countries, it is widely accepted by many casinos. The only one big issue with it is the time the money can take to reach your casino account. If you are going to use this method then do it with enough time in advance.