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    Prepaid ATM is a prepaid card, which has become a primary form of payment for many people. It can be an online credit card, debit card, money transfer card and also a real ATM card which the cardholders may use to withdraw their money at their nearest ATM machine.
    Prepaid ATM cars are easily available for residents in the US, Canada or Mexico, but may be a little trickier to get and use for people elsewhere. Many banks offer the option of acquiring a Prepaid ATM card when opening an account and they bare a Visa or MasterCard logo.
    Easy to Use. Activating the Prepaid ATM card is free and easy on their online registration page. Once registration is completed, the user may use the prepaid card instantly. For signup, all the user needs to present is a photo ID or a current utility and phone bill.
    Prepaid ATM is the only card  in which the user’s bank account is not tied to the prepaid card, in fact, they might not have a bank account as it is not a requirement.  
    Anonymous. Private information is kept safe. Users may purchase without revealing card numbers, name or personal information.
    Funding. Prepaid ATM users may fund their card in various ways, so they can choose the Best method for them. The funding method options are the following: card to card transfer, credit card, Paypal, ACH (direct electronic bank transfer), Bankwire, and . 
    Withdrawals. This payment method offers usability, the user may get the money from almost any ATM machine worldwide for a small fee.
    Prepaid ATM cards may be used wherever Debit Cards are accepted and they can be used to receive funds at thousands for ATM machines.
    Popular with Casinos. Many casinos include Prepaid ATM Card include it into the list of depositing and some casinos even allow withdrawals using this method.
    Security. Prepaid ATM users’ information protected with three levels of security.
    Fees. Prepaid ATM charges 4% on all the purchases rather when funding it, rather than on each purchase with the Casino. Cardholders may receive payments, nevertheless, this are fees applied. 
    Limits. Prepaid ATM imposes a minimum withdrawal of $20.  


    Prepaid ATM cards are completely private, sending money is inexpensive, offers a various ways of funding the card. However, it is a shame this payment methods is only available in Canada, the US and Mexico but it plans on expanding soon.

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