1. Neteller review

    Founded in 1999, Neteller is a company that offers experience and security for online transactions. Neteller is a company that has focused on pleasing their customers and it has stayed on top despite the heavy competition it has encountered.

    This online wallet system is over the top and it provides services to all countries except for the United States. With an awesome research team Neteller will always try to provide its customers with top-quality services and it all happend in short periods of time.

    Using their expertise and experience to found a solid reputation within the online payment industry, Neteller is one of the most popular methods used at online casinos today.

  1. Highlights

    Easy to Use. You can open an account with Neteller for free and you can fund it with your Visa, debit cards, EFT, bank deposits and InstaCash.

    Security. Neteller is one of the safest online payment methods available. First of all they have a security 6-digits ID number and a password of your choice. Your account username will have nothing to do with your real name nor email address and if someone tries to login from an IP address not coming from your country of residence and you will be notified immediately.

    Fast Service. Neteller will process all of your deposits instantly. As a plus, if you have an account with Neteller and use it to deposit at your favorite casino, then the withdrawal process will happen a lot faster.

    Different Account Options. Neteller offers two different account options with different deposit limits and benefits.

    • Neteller 'Express' Account. This one is perhaps the most popular one and the easiest to open. The deposit limit of this account is €2500 and it can be used with any merchant accepting Neteller.
    • Neteller 'Extended' Account. This is a sort of upgrade from the Express account. This one offers a much higher limit on deposittinf a comes with a prepaid debit card. You can process peer-to-peer transactions with this account as well.

    Multiple Currencies. Neteller supports a wide variety of currencies including the Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound(£), Euro(€), US Dollar($), the Swedish Crown and the Danish Crown.

    Bonus System. When using Neteller you will start accumulating 'Net Points', you will get 10 for every $1 that you send to any service registered with Neteller. If you meet the minimim amount of points every week you can be awarded with free cash.

  1. Downside

    Fees for ATM. Neteller will charge a $4 fee for using the prepaid card at ATMs.

    Not Available to US Players. If you live in the United States you cannot enjoy Neteller's services.

    Customer Service. Their customer service is not definitely terrible but let's say that you should not expect your queries to be resolved quickly like they do at other payment methods. Though you might have to wait for an answer, you problems will usually be resolved effectively.

  1. Personal Opinion

    Neteller is a top-quality service, if you are outside the US do not hesitate to use it as it is extremely safe and efficient. Definitely a service worth checking out and hopefully it will be available to US players soon.