1. Ideal review

    iDeal is a payment method available to Dutch players. It is based in the Netherlands and only Dutch players with the bank accounts on ABN AMRO, Fortis, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank or SNS Bank.

    While not the most popular international payment option, iDeal receives very good critiques from its small range of customers. In the Netherlands, this method is preferred to the usual credit card as users find it safer, easier and faster.

    iDeal was first introduced in mid-2005. Ever since 2007, iDeal took over the Dutch electronic payment market and has kept its leadership.

  1. Highlights

    Security. When you process a payment with iDeal you are directed through a secure connection to your internet bank account, there you have to login using your TAN, a Random Reader or Digipas. No matter which one of those you use they are some of the top-technology security measures out there.

    Fast Transfers. When using iDeal your bank will authorise the transfer in seconds, that is if everything works fine and your balance matches your deposit, and your funds will be available at your preferred casino.

    Easy to Use. To use iDeal you only need to have a bank account with the banks we described above. You do not need to register nor fill any forms, the service will be available right away.

  1. Downside

    Not Available to US Players. Unfortunately no banks in the United States offer iDeal as an electronic payment option. 

  1. Personal Opinion

    If you are in the Netherlands and happen to be an account holder in one of those banks then I give you a total greenlight because iDeal is a great payment processor. What is more important, it is safe, user-friendly and efficient, what else does one need? Hopefully this service will be available in more countries in the near future.