1. Poli review

    Centricom was launched in 2004 and is based in Australia. The company brings together industry experts in banking, online transactional processing, web based services and has the highest standards of customer service. In 2007, Centricom announced that the renowned UK-based NEOVIA Financial, had taken a quarter of strategic stake in Centricom. 

     Their online payments strategy is done through POLi, an online payment system created in 2006, to broaden the choice of online payment options; it transfers funds directly between a customer’s Internet bank account and a merchant. Service which now operates in three countries: Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Currently, it enables over 33 million users from countries where its service has been deployed. 

  1. Highlights

    Security. There are two main elements needed for the POLi transaction, they are the internet banking site and the POLi Browser. The POLi Browser must be installed on the computer, so the transfers can be done because it provides the interface for accessing your Internet Banking site (doesn’t store any private info). The security system is constantly being updated to make it safer and more secure, as well as protect against any malicious behavior. The transfer will be done within the security of the user’s online banking facility. 
    Fees. Using POLi to make money transfers is free of cost. However, the user’s bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers.
    Promptness. The debit will happen immediately and the merchant to whom the money is destined to, will be notified instantly of the transaction. 
    No Account Needed. There is no need for the user to open an account or register at POLi. The user will simply choose it as an option on the merchants Checkout section (their browser must be installed previously). 
    Popular with Casinos. There are a huge number of casinos to choose from, it is considered one of the most common funding methods for Australian players. A great number of these casinos are under Australian jurisdiction, but there are many other international sites accepting registrations of Australian players. Some casinos might add a low deposit minimum, around $10. 
    Customer support. Their service department may be contacted by phone at: + 61 (3) 8601 5977 (Australia), + 64 (9) 623 9228 (New Zealand),  +44 (0) 1223446040 (United Kingdom); or contact via e-mail at [email protected] or at [email protected]
  1. Downside

    Minimum requirements for the system. The user must have Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or above; a compatible browser like Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 2+ with enabled Javascript and the operating system must be Microsoft Windows (XP SP2+, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008). 
    Available only to AU, UK & NZ. POLi is only available in Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. 


  1. Personal Opinion

    POLi is an easy, secure, fast and unique payment method that acts like a middle person between the user’s bank account and the merchant; nevertheless, it is only available to people who have who has access to the Pay Anyone functionality offered by a supported online banking facility can use POLi (Australia, UK and New Zealand). It is ideal for people that prefer not giving out their credit card number, or for who does not have access to a credit card.