Pay900 Banking Review

  1. Pay900 casinos

    This is a very new payment method currently available to the US and Canada. It allows you to deposit into your favourite Casino and have it charged to your phone bill. 

    Pay900 accepts US players that do not have a 900-block on their phone lines. (This can be easily removed).

    Perhaps the Best part about Pay900 is that it does not charge additional fees and it is one of the simplest and safest methods out there.

    *Note: American citizens - To check if you have the 900-service block on your phone line you can call 1-900-993-4141 (toll-free), if you have it then you can call your service provider and ask them to remove it.

    Pay Through Your Phone Bill. Pay900 offers you a chance to deposit money into a casino and then they will charge the money to your phone bill. You do not need a credit card and what is best you are not required to enter your card nor bank account information.

    No Hidden Fees. Pay900 does not have hidden fees and will not charge you extra for the service.

    Safety. As you are not required to enter your credit card nor bank account information this method is safer than many others.

    Deposit Limits. Pay900 will only allow you to deposit from $25 - $50 every time you use it. But you are allowed to deposit up to $5,000 per month.

    Pay900 is a good deposit method, especially for American players. It is easy to use and will normally not give any trouble.

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