1. WebMoney review

    Perhaps not as famous as other leader online payment processors, WebMoney is one of the oldest and well established companies in the market. It currently has 4,000,000 users around the globe and it offers one of the most secure and confidential payment processing methods out there.

    WebMoney is accepted all over the world and definitely is one of the top choices when transferring funds to casinos. When using this method, some casinos will ask you to make you a larger deposit than the custom one because of the security they encounter when processing the funds transfer.

    This method is not available to US players.



  1. Highlights

    Easy to Use. WebMoney works similarly to an eWallet. All you need to do is download the "WB Keeper" application to your computer which will give you a WM-ID. You can fund your account through a credit a card, cash deposit, wire transfer and even other people can send money to your account. You can then use those funds to deposit at your favorite casino.

    Security. WebMoney offers one of the safest services for online payments. First of all, they only require to share your personal information at registration to verify your identity. Apart from that, WebMoney will not store your credit card details in its system as your account is not linked to any credit card, it only accepts transfers from it.

    Also, WebMoney is widely recognized for their password encryption methods. All funds transferred cannot be usable until the merchant receives and enters the password that a customer provides.

    Low Fees. WebMoney charges a fixed 0.8% fee for every transaction.

  1. Downside

    Not Available to US Players. American residents cannot use WebMoney at the moment.

    Points System. WebMoney users earn points for their activities in the system. The points are awarded according on the volume of transactions and feedback from other users. Customers will then earn a "Business Level" that will show their "reputation" and work as a confidence indicator. The bad thing here is that you cannot really rely on strangers to give honest feedback, and if your transactions are not big enough then your "Business Level" will not be high and you will somehow get a bad reputation from it.

    Multiple Currencies. It is a good thing that WebMoney supports many different currencies. However, they will require to have a different WM wallet, also called purses for each different currency that you wish to use. They also offer conversion systems in case you want to convert money in your purse into a different currency but the exchange rates are quite bad. Their website lists the following purses:

    • WMR — equivalent to RUR ( R-Purse),
    • WMZ — equivalent to USD (Z-Purse), 
    • WME — equivalent to EUR (E-Purse),
    • WMU — equivalent to UAH (U-Purse),
    • WMB — equivalent to Belorussian Roubles (B-Purse), 
    • WMY — equivalent to Uzbek Sum (Y-Purse)
    • WM-C and WM-D — WMZ equivalent for transactions on С- and D-purses

    Other regulations are that you can only transfer funds between purses of the same currency, otherwise you are required to use the exchange system and end up losing money.

  1. Personal Opinion

     WebMoney is not available to US players, but for the rest of the world it is extremely safe and also easy to get. Personally, I have not ever heard of any problems with the services they offer but I do believe that the average "WebMoney user" needs to meet some criteria in order to work well with their system. Perhaps players who play higher limits and are more experienced can take advantage of WebMoney and get a good record, but beginners should try to find other payment solutions if possible.