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    myCitadel provides payment processing solutions, risk mitigation services and other e-commerce products to numerous online merchants and it  is the fastest growing and  the most profitable subsidiary in the ESI Entertainment Systems Inc.

    Citadel Commerce has offers  payment solutions to simplify the payment process and to add currently unavailable payment functionality to both merchants and end-users. These include myCitadel Wallet, and Citadel Direct International, a real-time bank-to-bank electronic funds transfer interface.

    Citadel Commerce maintains two redundant data centers to protect their consumers and merchant investment in technology: one in Vancouver, Canada and the other in Malta and Costa Rica.

    Security. With Citadel information is sent with a high level of data encryption. Customers stay vigilant with automatic email confirmation and may include a security question/answer to the money transfer for extra protection. myCitadel provides a safety net in case something goes wrong and they also prevent to help stop fraud. For online payments, the only information visible to the merchant, will be the user’s myCitadel email. 

    No Fees. It is free of charge to use your myCitadel wallet to pay for items at a participating merchant’s site; however some there is a fee for some types of withdrawals. The fees charged depend on the country of transfer and what type of transaction is being done, for e.g. withdrawing funds to a bank account may have a fee. 

    Accounts. It is free of charge to become a a myCitadel Wallet member. Residents of many countries can open a Mycitadel account; however it is important to emphasize, that methods for transferring funds in and out of the account will differ from country to country. Another benefit is that users may use myCitadel to transfers funds between myCitadel wallets.

    Citadel Points. People are awarded points when using myCitadel and these can be later exchanged for great prizes. 

    Supported Languages. myCitadel is available in various languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish.

    Deposits. In certified accounts, the deposit limit is € 2,500 and Withdrawal Limit € 500 Total. (Limits may be increased by certifying the wallet). There are multiple options for depositing funds to their online wallet. Users may use myCitadel Wallet’s SecureSwipe, the portable Point of Sale (POS) device, for instant access to cleared funds. In addition to the previously mentioned, other deposit methods can be used, for e.g. Direct Deposit, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card.

    Customer Support. Customer service may be contacted by email, chat and a 24/7 toll free number. It is +00-800-2952-4390 for International clients and +1-877-747-8433 for U.S. and Canadian customers. 

    Withdrawing Funds. Money may be easily and securely withdrawn at any time.Users may send money to anyone with a valid email and they do not necessarily have to have a myCitadel Wallet account. 

    Multi-currencies. myCitadel Wallet supports USD, CAD, Euros, GBP, RMB (CNY), SEK(krona) and they are working to expand this. 


    Funding with a Credit card. Currently, only customers in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and the U.K. may add funds to their myCitadel Wallet account with a non-swiped credit card.

    Sign-up process. The strict process takes longer than most others, but this allows users to play at casinos without having to verify themselves there as well.


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