1. EZIpay review

    EZI Pay, formally known as Payspark, is owned, operated and maintained by CSC24Seven.com Limited and registered in the Republic of Cyprus. It provides you with two online payment alternatives, EZI Pay and their ATM Cards.
    EZI Pay account is an online e-wallet, is a quick and easy way to deposit and withdraw money. The second method is their ATM Cards which allows you to get money easily and from almost any ATM. This other method was added to make it easier for customers to instantly access money while offline. 
  1. Highlights

    Easy to Use. After the EZI Pay e-wallet account has been accepted and activated, the account holder will automatically qualify for an EZI Pay ATM Account. Money may be transferred directly to into the user’s EZI Pay ATM Account; spent in casinos; spent on merchandise anywhere that accepts Maestro; or, withdrawn from the EZI Pay ATM account at any ATM using the EZI Pay ATM Debit card. 

    Depositting. It is very easy to fund an EZI Pay Internet Account worldwide. The following methods can be used: Credit Cards, , Wire Transfer, and even transfer money from an EZI Pay ATM account into the e-wallet. EZI Pay offers direct Bank funding from anywhere in the world from over 29 countries. 

    Simple Withdrawals. Withdrawals can be made worldwide at any ATM or retail location displaying the MasterCard Logo and virtual retail locations around the world. 

    Spending Limits. EZI Pay allows you a daily spending limit of $3,000 per day. No Minimum Balance 

    No Fees. There are no fees involved in the transactions, apart from the cost of loading money to the account.

  1. Downside

    Unpopular with Casinos. EZI Pay is the latest international online payment processor to become available to the online gambling industry. Casinos that accept EZI Pay are not hard to find, but finding a reputable casino may be a little more difficult.

    Not Available to US Players. EZI Pay is not available as a purchase method for US residents on gambling sites. 

  1. Personal Opinion

    EZIPay is an efficient, easy and secure method of payment accepted by merchants worldwide. The company is dedicated to make payments and purchases easier, giving customers a lot of great benefits and of course the ATM withdrawal beats most other withdrawal options. Easy Pay is becoming a popular deposit method among gamblers because it is more than a virtual prepaid debit card, as it allows players to withdraw their funds at ATM, which sure beats waiting for checks to clear!