1. Visa review

     Visa inc. is considered a global forefront since its inception, and one of the safest processing networks in the world, which enables the use of digital currency between consumers, businesses, banks and governments. This company is constantly growing and developing platforms that have become the structure of global commerce of more than 200 countries and territories. Visa’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, but they also operate three data centers in two continents. 

    Visa Inc.’s network has over 16,000 financial institution customers, 29 million merchant outlets, and 1.5 million ATM’s and handles 10,00o reliable transactions per second. The company operates the world’s largest retail electronic payment networks. The banks that issue Visa cards also manage all the aspects of account management, and have their own criteria for issuing the cards.  

  1. Highlights

    Security. Visa uses multiple layers of security to fight fraud, this is employed to protect each link that is within their control, and they work with other payment chains to ensure no failure. Visa Inc.’s main goal is to eliminate all forms of fraud, including counterfeit, loss and stolen cards, card-not-present and identity theft

    No Surcharge Fee. Visa does not allow their merchants to charge a surcharge fee when using Visa cards, because cardholders should never be penalized for using their cards to pay. Nevertheless, in a few countries, surcharging fees are still permitted. 

    Popular with Casinos. Most casinos accept Visa cards, and some even accept Visa gift cards that are available in local gas stations or drug stores in USA and most of European countries. Other casinos may not accept cards that are used only for debit retailers or cards with the “fastcard” inscription on the back of the card. 
    Reputation. Visa is one of the most highly recognized payment processors internationally. This payment method needs only to sit on their reputation for a top-class service to ensure customers that their transactions will be reliable and done on time. They have an ultimate customer service team in case any issues arise, even though this rarely happens.On the visa corporate site, customers may enter their country or region and the site provides them with the toll free number that they must contact.
  1. Downside

    Eligibility Criteria.  Each bank that issues Visa Cards has its own criteria for issuing cards, interest rates as well as put their own terms and conditions, so it is best that consumers contact their local bank to find out that specific bank’s criteria and apply there for the Visa card. Visa provides a Get a Card locator that enables consumers to find the nearest bank that issues Visa cards.
    Credit Transactions Declination. Visa is so secure that sometimes banking Institutions may decline online credit card transactions because of the cardholder not being present and the risk of unauthorized transactions is considered much higher in that situation. 
  1. Personal Opinion

    Visa is one of the most accepted, convenient, easy-to-use and accessible payment method’s available for people even though each financial institution imposes their own criteria. Finding where to withdraw money from the Visa card is very simple, there are many ATMs available over the globe and they even provide a locator on their site to locate the nearest one.