1. E Check review

    An eCheck is a very simple payment method and especially it is very safe. Basically, it has all the great features of a paper check but it does not involve the physical document, instead all instructions are given out electronically.

    With an eCheck you can transfer funds from a banking account to and from an online casino accepting this payment method diretly through your bank. But what is even better news is that this payment method is available to US players in the times when they face many obstacles to be able to play online.

    eChecks are becoming more popular as a payment method due to its ease of use and availability.

  1. Highlights

    Available to US Players. If you are based in the United States and have a banking account then you can use this method to deposit into your favorite casino.

    Instant Transfers. When you use an eCheck the cash will be available in your casino immediately.

    Deposit and Withdraw. eCheck can be used for both depositting funds and withdrawing your winnings to and from the casino. This is a great facility as sometimes you need to alternate between two transfer methods to do this.

    Security. In this payment method it is your bank that is interacting with your online casino directly, so you need to make sure that your bank is reputable and safe because it is them you will be trusting when depositting with an eCheck. Another thing is that banks are wary of processing payments to suspicious merchants, so if your banks refuses the transaction it is telling you that the casino is not as safe as you thought it was.

    No Charges. What is great about eChecks is that there are no charges involved when using them. Other payment methods usually take a bit percentage of your bankroll in every transaction, but eChecks don't.

  1. Downside

    No Credit. Perhaps the only downside about eChecks is that you can only use the money available in your account, you cannot rely on credit. However, a good gambler knows they should not gamble more than what they have.

  1. Personal Opinion

    eCheck is incresingly becoming one of the most popular electronic transfer methods available, especially in the US due to all the benefits it offers. I highly recommend this method as it is secure and you will be satisfied with the service and, unlike checks, you do not need to be dealing with the payment yourself but your bank.