1. Diners review

    Diners has been around since the 1950s. Frank McNamara decided to create it after he went out for dinner and realized he had forgotten his wallet. The restaurant owner allowed him to leave his business card as an IOU and inspired him to develop the credit card idea. Diners Club International is probably the oldest credit card ever used.

    This payment method is very similar to other credit cards, you make a deposit and then refund the whole amount to the company once a month.

    Diners is mostly associated with holders of prestige and social status, however everyday it is becoming more accessible to the regular online shopper. This card is accepted wherever MasterCard is accepted.

  1. Highlights

    Partnered with MasterCard. An advantage of this card is that it is partnered with MasterCard, so wherever you see the MasterCard logo you can also use Diners Club International.

    Quality Check. Diners Club keep a strict quality control check on their service so you can be sure that all bugs will be cleared out and that you will receive a good service.

    Additional Services. Diners customers receive other benefits when using this card such as free airport lounge access, Executive Golf Club membership and Travellercare Insurance. 

    Safety. Diners Club guarantees safe transactions and they will keep your information private. If anything happens to go wrong when you use Diners Club, everything that has been bought with it is covered by their Purchase Assurance. This guarantees refunds and benefits over your purchases in case of damage or fraud. Check their site for their complete insurance policy for online deposits.

  1. Downside

    Bank Restrictions. Even though this card is commonly accepted, some banks prohibit their cardholders to process transactions with online casinos.

    Not so Popular with Casinos. There are not many casinos accepting this payment method, most of them were Microgaming software licensed and since MicroGaming left the US market, the amount of casinos accepting this is limited.

    Deposit Limits. Diners Club card will allow you to deposit a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $1,200 into a casino per month.

  1. Personal Opinion

    Diners has a solid reputation as a credit card. Even though the card is not so popular, their number of clients grows every year and all of them have always been satisfied with the services.