1. Entropay review

    Created and distributed by English-based company, EntroPay is one of the players' favorite payment method.

    EntroPay is a popular transaction method and you will often find this at several online casinos. What makes EntroPay stand out is that it is different from other transaction methods, it is a prepaid virtual credit card.

    Perhaps the biggest determinant for EntroPay's popularity is that they allow their customers to deposit using their debit or credit cards and it also process online payments for a wide variety of services.

  1. Highlights

    Easy to use. Opening an account with EntroPay is easy and free. After opening your account you can deposit into your prepaid card using your debit or credit card and then just go ahead and transfer the money into your favourite casino.

    Security. EntroPay has been officially recognized for security and reliability by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. Perhaps the sign-up questions will seem a bit intrusive but only EntroPay has access to your information and guarantee not to share it with third parties. Apart from that all the information you enter will be automatically encrypted.

    Multiple Currencies. EntroPay supports transaction in the three main coins of the world, the UK pound (£), the Euro (€) and the American Dollar ($). You cannot switch between them but there is a very good convertor that can be very helpful.

  1. Downside

    Fees. EntroPay will charge a fee everytime you make a transaction, whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal that is 4.95% of the amount you are paying. Akso, if you win a generous pot you will be charged another 1.95% for withdrawing your winnings. This is a very high rate compared to other payment options.

    Not Available to US Players. At the time being, EntroPay accepts transactions from almost all countries except for the United States.

  1. Personal Opinion

     EntroPay works efficiently for most European players and their security system is widely recognized as one of the best out there. It is an easy and safe option to fund your bankroll at your favorite casino. This service is not available for US players.