1. Instadebit review

    Instadebit is a secure and reliable online transaction processing method that links directly into the Canadian Banking Network, instantly accessing funds to make payments. It will appear as checks on the user’s bank account statement. 

    Instadebit serves and enables a wide variety of e-commerce companies across the globe. It is cost-free, and will only cost the merchants a small transaction fee. 

  1. Highlights

    Easy to use. Instadebit is so easy to use that it can be compared to writing a check.
    Free sign-up. There is no cost to the consumer for signing up on Instadebit. The company instantly checks and verifies your identity, so the person may use his/her account within seconds of approval. Users may register simultaneously when doing the first transaction.
    Fees. No transaction fees will ever be charged to the user. The only case that a user will have to pay a fee, will be if they have insufficient funds in their account.  
    Security. The account holder’s privacy and security is Instadebit’s priority that is why they use the most advanced security and encryption technologies available. Merchants have no access to Instadebit account holder’s private information, and will only do so upon receiving written permission from the user. Law enforcement authorities are informed of all attempts of fraud and identity theft, and any information to help locate the perpetrator.
    User in control. Considering that the user does not have to fund any secondary account, or create debt with credit purchases, than it is much easier for them to keep control of the funds. In addition, all transaction information is available at any time in the Customer Access section. 
    Withdrawals. When a merchant transfers money into a customer’s account, it will be automatically deposited into his/her Instadebit Balance Account and they can choose to be left there for future payments or withdrawn to a bank account. If withdrawn, it will take approximately 5 business days to clear those funds and appear in the customer’s bank account.
  1. Downside

    Availability.This payment method is only available for Canadian Residents.

    Currencies Supported. Instadebit only supports U.S and Canadian dollars.

  1. Personal Opinion

     For Canadian Casino players, this is definitely one of the best options in the Market, as it is easy to create an account, very simple use and no fees are charged when transferring money! When withdrawing funds, it takes 5 business days to clear, which I consider to be reasonable amount of time to wait, but compared to others, it could be quicker!