1. Mastercard review

    MasterCard was created in 1966 by United California Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of California and the Crocker National Bank. Born as a competitor to Bank of America's BankAmericaCard, MasterCard is today one of the best companies in the world.

    They offer one of the best quality services as their main and only focus is processing payments around the world. The company is organized as a co-operative of banks which is why it is so simple for them to process the transactions in an efficient way.

    MasterCard is a highly reputed payment method amongst online casinos, it is accepted in more than 210 countries so no matter where you are you will always be able to use it.

  1. Highlights

    Easy to Use. Online purchases are called 'Cardholder Not present' (CNP) transactions and all you need to do is enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to authorise it. Some casinos will even take telephone authorisations.

    If you are using a credit card the total amount of your transactions will reach you by the end of the month and you will have to pay MasterCard. If you are using a debit card (MasterMoney) the amount charged for the transaction will be removed from your account directly.

    Safety. MasterCard provides encryption security services which lessen the risk significantly. With this company any suspicious transaction will immediately alert the bank and the card will be deactivated until it is verified with the owner. MasterCard also offers the SecureCode which is a personal number that needs to be entered to process any transaction.

  1. Downside

    Not so popular with US Casinos. A lot of casinos have started turning down credit cards as a payment method in the United States due to legal problems to process the transactions. So there is a chance that your transaction will be turned down by the casino.

    Slow Transactions. Even though a direct transaction using MasterCard should be available immediately, some casinos will accept this method and then take some time to process it through the bank.

  1. Personal Opinion

    MasterCard is one of the most reliable payment methods available. Perhaps if you are based in the US you might have problems and you's rather use an e-Wallet, but at any other location you will be perfectly fine. Over 800 casinos accept MasterCard around the world. MasterCard offers top-quality service to its customers and it is one of the most trustable companies out there.