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Thread: Contest Payments

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    Quote Originally Posted by CATLICKER View Post
    You must select a payment method in order to collect any contest winnings:

    go here to Select Payment Types

    If you do this AFTER you win, you may have to wait until the following month to get paid !!!

    DO IT NOW !!!

    Thanks, CATLICKER
    JUST A REMINDER -------

    IF you do not have your PayPal info on file with All Free Chips until AFTER you win......

    you very likely will have to wait an extra MONTH to collect your winnings !!!


    Register your valid PayPal account for cash payouts !!!

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    Submit Payment details to get your contest winnings !!!

    JUST A REMINDER --- You won't get paid if we don't have your payment info. Must have a valid PayPal account !!!

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    I selected Paypal but for some reason it is not taking it . All info has all ways been the same . Because this is happening I can not scratch the scratch card Help please .

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    Same here says need to update payment info, so can't scratch my itch.

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    Yup I tried 6 times to add my pay pal email and it was a no go .

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    no go for me as well!

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    All fixed ty

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    When you win a contest here at ALL FREE CHIPS and your prize is paid in CASH, we want you to receive your payment promptly. In order to do this, we need to have your payment details on file BEFORE you win. Use the link below to submit your information:

    Thank You
    Posting of links on All Free Chips, affiliate or otherwise, is NOT allowed !!!

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    just wanted to say thanks for my October scratch card win...payment received!!!! thank you thank you

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    On behalf of All Free Chips, you're welcome. Enjoy your prize winnings !!!
    Posting of links on All Free Chips, affiliate or otherwise, is NOT allowed !!!

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