Visionary iGaming Slot MachinesVisionary iGaming Slot Machines

Visionary iGamingThe name ViG is actually short for Visionary iGaming, one of the newer software companies of the Gambling industry. They’ve been established in 2008, so they had to stand out in order to gain real traction against the other big players of the industry. They’ve done exactly that, giving players a range of titles that they offer both as part of their software and through integration on others that already exist. Some casinos will be based solely on the ViG platform as a result, while others will offer them together with others. ViG allows its clients to either create their own brands and casinos that they can manage, or to integrate on their websites the existing games and infrastructure created by ViG.

The live casino is a big part of their offer, and it can be integrated into any kind of online gaming website. The regular casino platform includes the typical Slot machines, cards, roulette and arcade and it’s mostly used as a way to keep players interested. They don’t have as many RNG based titles as others, since their main focus is on the live dealer part.

VIG or Visionay iGaming Slots

About VIG Slots

Types of Games

The live section that they choose to focus on has games with professional dealers that are mostly based in Costa Rica, the titles being roulette, baccarat, blackjack and a few others.

The regular casino section has for you about 20 slot machines, 5 types of roulette, 13 types of cards games and arcade titles. Tutti Frutti, Haunted House and Golden Casino are a couple of Slots that I’d recommend you start with.

Progressive Jackpots

ViG has its share of progressive jackpots that are mostly part of their slot machines. Luckily, these are also good looking games that actually try to entice you to play them. Good examples would be games like Treasure Island, Jungle Doo and Diamond Mine. All three offer progressive jackpots, but they don’t stop there and actually give the player payouts of up to $50,000 as well.


The graphics are decent for the most part. The drawing style used in some of them might not seem as modern and polished as those from other developers, but they are not unpleasant and the mix of colors and images is well thought out. Overall, it’s a pleasant experience trying their slot machines, as you will find out for yourself.


If there is one thing I enjoyed while playing their titles is the fact that they don’t shy away from using lots of features. Their games will keep you entertained for hours, while offering you new features, Free Spins and wilds to play with. Multipliers and scatters are present as well, and they are often the things that will make you a richer player at the end of the day.


I’ve enjoyed trying out the various games that ViG puts out, but at the end of the day their offer is quite limited. It’s one of the top choices at your disposal if you want to play at the live dealer tables though.