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    Need A Favor Guys And Gals!

    Ok, so at my regular job, we use craigslist to advertise our mattress company. However, there is alot of competition out there as well.

    Now, i don't mind sharing Craigslist at all with them because we have the best prices, however, these other companies flag our ads off without reason except for the fact we are the competition. They team up with their other stores and flag our ads and we can't keep an ad up.

    I tried to return the favor to them just because they flag our ads, but they won't flag off. It also wouldn't be so bad if they only posted 10-15 ads all day, but if you look at the list, they post non-stop and flood craigslist all day everyday and Craigslist won't do anything about it.

    So, i ask as a favor to all of you guys, if you would help flag these spammers for me, maybe they would get the picture not to spam like they do. I'm assuming everyone here don't care too much for spammers in any fashion.

    So thanks to any of you that can help me in advance!!

    Here is the link for all of their ads:
    wilmington, NC furniture - by dealer classifieds "MATTRESS CAPITAL " - craigslist=

    once you open the link, click on a post, and in the right hand corner, flag their ad as spam, prohibited, and miscatorized.

    Thanks so much again for any help.
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    Will gladly help D.

    Flagging away!!

    ps, can I get a deal on a mattress??? rof

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    Well of course! i'll even deliver it to you and still will save you a ton of money!
    Be Sure To Always Read Terms & Conditions, An Informed Player Is A Smart Player.

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  4. i started flagging....hope we help you someway....

  5. i click on the link and there are tons of adds there,which ones do i flag? all?

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    all of them, thats what i was talking about spamming the site haha, its a little ridiculous.
    Be Sure To Always Read Terms & Conditions, An Informed Player Is A Smart Player.

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    Craigs List Spam Artists

    How do they get away with that crap? I like to sell on Craig's List also and find it so annoying
    that my ads get lost in in a sea of repeating ads. If I try to even get to the top of todays postings it won't let me. If everyone played by the rules (of common courtesy) we would not have to fight for a spot to get noticed. We are all just trying to make a living! Problem is, some people don't want to share the market. Only question I have for you is why are you the cheapest? I believe we should be competitive on prices and offer service as an incentive. Word of mouth (and internet discussion) is your best form of advertising. I have only sold furniture for a few months now, I had no concept of the competition till I got into it. It probably is the most competitive retail business there is. Good Luck, I sympathize with what you are dealing with.
    and ofcourse I will flag some ads for you too.

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    Thanks, i appreciate it. The reason we are the cheapest is because we do what is right. We don't gouge people on prices, we don't carry the super high brand names that charge companies an arm and a leg for their product, we keep our overhead to a super low cost, thats why we advertise on craigslist, run classified ads in the newspapers, word of mouth is huge for our company, we have 13 stores in our chain and we all order on the same day to get a bulk discount, our showroom is very small, only about 1400 Sq feet, and only 2 of us work there and we get salary, we don't work off commission, so we always offer you the best deal possible.

    With all of that said, the competition can't compete as well.

    We carry the 6th largest and 8th largest bedding companies in the US and they keep their costs to a mimimum as well and pass the savings on to their dealers and we in turn pass the savings to our customers.

    If a customer wants to spend $599 on our top of the line, Queen 16 inch thick mattress with a 9 inch foundation, 720 individually pocketed coils, with 1 inch of visco memory foam, 4 inch of comfort foam, 2 inches of support foam, foam encased edging support, 13/12 gauge steel coils, with a 10 year warranty, customers should be able to know that they don't have to pay $2500 for that comparable bed some where else.

    In today's market, there is so much parody today. Everybody's low end products will pretty much compare, mid-grade products will compare, and even high end products will compare, and yeah, there may be a few beds out there with a little more in them, but they will also cost you $4000-$6000 for it, and there really isn't that much more in them to warrant the prices.

    You look at everything i have said above and keep in mind, Just because a company call sell a bed way less than anyone else in the market, doesn't mean its a cheap product. Just think the next time how much overhead that huge furniture store or mattress chain is spending on overhead with their huge buildings, 20-30 employees, nationally avertised brand named beds, along with their tv and radio , and full page newspaper ads, and know that they have to cover their costs some how, and you can bet, its covered by the customers.
    Be Sure To Always Read Terms & Conditions, An Informed Player Is A Smart Player.

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    Ima flagging .........

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    ok am flagging i just hope am doing the right one,lol




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