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Thread: Maps show???

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    Maps show???

    Text automatically translated from: Dutch to: English
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    Every player knows It, you're going to preflop all-in in A certain stage, you c-bet in That Cashgame and fires A second barrel....< br />
    What You wished for, happened ... Villain folds!

    Signature de Algemene poker-protocollen Moet JE JE Nooit kaarten showen .. Nu is Mijn stellen vraag Doen jullie DAT WEL Eens in Een bepaalde Situatie doe

    Titan Poker

    I play a Lot of double or nothings, and on the bubble IF I push en I Let villians fold to show I AA t / m QQ TO in respect to get a .. you can Find says Wise

    If you can't spot the sucker within the first half hour, then you are the sucker!
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